Create a Healthier Home with These Home Appliances

Creating a healthier home can be very challenging nowadays. With our fast-paced and hectic lives, we sometimes forget to make healthier choices. Luckily, we found Ava Living Concepts which offers state-of-the-art home appliances that can help us create a healthier home.

Ava Living has appliances ranging from dishwashers, dryers, rice cookers, and vacuums. All are designed with ease of use and health in mind.

Since rice is life, we have been using the AVA Low Carb Steam Rice Cooker. This is perfect for those who are watching their carb intake or just want to be more mindful of what they eat.

It can make up to 3 cups of low-carb rice or 7 cups of regular rice. But aside from rice, the cooker can also make mixed rice, soup, porridge, and steam cook- all with a touch control panel.

But how does the rice cooker make low-carb rice? The unique feature drains starch from the rice and steam cooks to generate resistant starch content in rice which results in low-carb and fluffy rice. Plus, you don’t have to worry because your rice will still taste the same!

The AVA Low Carb Steam Rice Cooker 2L comes with a measuring cup, rice spoon, soup spoon, inner pot, outer pot, and the rice cooker itself. It retails for Php6,950 and is regularly on sale on their website.

We also love the AVA Wet and Dry Floor Vacuum Cleaner. It saves us so much time when cleaning our homes because it removes dirt and wipes the floor off with water.

Since it’s also a wet vacuum, the dual water tanks are great in separating the clean from dirty water, unlike traditional mops. It can also clean all types of floors so you can use it all around the house, whether you have floor tiles, wooden planks, etc.

You also don’t need to worry about cleaning it since it has a button for self-cleaning and has a washable HEPA filter and roller brush. It can just stay on its docking station when using the self-cleaning function. It’s easy to store (and not an eyesore)ย in a corner with its dock.

The AVA Wet and Dry Floor Vacuum Cleaner retails for Php20,399 but is often on sale for more than 50% on their website.

You can check out AVA Living Concepts products on their website, lazada and Shopee.