Countdown: Memorable 2012 TV Commercials

When In Manila and you usually switch the TV on, you might be one of the more and more viewers nowadays who are paying lesser attention to advertisements. Admit it, more than twice this year, you either switched channels or get lost into social media while ads flashed on the TV screen. So now let’s see how many you can name from this list of the most memorable ads this 2012.




This is just the Top 10 random countdown from my personal list, having seen a lot of good advertisements from the marketing world.




Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated to the companies or agencies who made these TV commercials possible.



10: PLDT MyDSL’s  Anna Banana



It’s not the typical boy-meets-girl story. Little boy, Derek courageously uploaded his song on the internet, which got 100 hits soon after (thanks to his loving Mom), only to have it rejected later on by the girl of her dreams. Derek, with the help of his Mom, Dad and sister, started the search for his new “Anna” which set the serenading girls on loose! The tale of how a mother’s unwavering support turn her son into a star (by being his number 1 fan on Youtube), proving that indeed, “the strongest connections are at home”. The netizens raved in quest for Derek’s new Anna is a spectacular hit. It even trended on Twitter on August 17.



PLDT’s Anna Banana.




9: Globe’s “My Super Plan: My Super Wish for Love”



Globe’s Postpaid TV commercial released early this year got a lot of good reviews from different social networking sites. Globe highlights the flexibility of its offers of customizable postpaid plan, in a way that’s surprising, creative and relatable.



Globe’s My Super Plan, My Super Wish for Love



8: Lucky Me’s “Kainang Pamilya Mahalaga” Campaign




Every parent shudders to hear horrible news about teens, for fear that it might affect their children sooner or later.  Lucky Me’s advocacy campaign, FAMEALY DAY, was aired just in time to remind the Filipinos of  “Kainang Pamilya Mahalaga” day. This was declared by President Aquino III to be celebrated every September 4th in relation with the annual celebration of the Family Week. It highlighted the value of having an open communication in the family, particularly to strengthen the parent-child relationship.



Lucky Me’s “Baptism of Fire”



7: Snickers- “You’re not you when you’re hungry.”



Who says chocolates are only for those with the sweet tooth? The Snickers ad’s underlying insight is witty and the execution caught the Malaysian, Singaporean and Filipino audience with surprise. This was launched along an online contest calling for netizens’ best hungry faces.



Snickers’ “You’re not you when you’re hungry”



6: McDonald’s Hooray for Today



” Hooray for mornings! And things that make them good…”

The heartwarming song adds to the allure of this feel-good ad. Since its first TV appearance, a lot of teens and yuppies, and yes, even toddlers, refreshingly remember McDo, with “Hooray for Today”. The commercial can give you good vibes for beautiful mornings.



McDonald’s “Hooray for Today”




5: Smart’s Live More




From the usual ads appealing to rationality and practicality, Smart came  targeted the consumers’ heart with their TVC this year. The Live More campaign on making every second count was a hit. I can still recall reading my friends’ tweets on how the TV commercial nearly made them switch.



Smart’s “Live More”



4: Convergy’s “Pedestal”



“There is not one person in this country today that can say he has made a difference… Not one but thousands.” When I first saw this ad last month, I literally stopped what I am doing and watched in awe. It is both inspiring and thought-provoking. While seeing it the first time, I am really waiting to know what brand or company it came from, and I was amused when I finally found out that it’s from a BPO firm.



Convergy’s “Pedestal”



3: Coca-Cola’s “100 Taon ng Saya”



“Kulang ang 100 taon kung kapiling mo ang mga taong nagpapasaya sa’yo.” This journey of Lolo Mario who visited his grandchild on the day of her birth tugged a lot of heartstrings. Sweet and meaningful, this ad reminds us all that we deserve happiness in life.



Coca-Cola’s “100 Years of Happiness”



2: Department of Tourism’s “It’s More Fun in the Philippines”



This advertisement, which originally ran for 30 seconds, has brought out the creativity in a million minds. It showcased the famous tourist spots in the country and was aired by CNN on April 30.


The ending question, “What will you come up with?” sparked huge buzz as the campaign went viral for several weeks in different social networking sites. It also generated controversy as critics claim that it copied the tagline from 1961 “It’s more fun in Switzerland” ad, 6 hours right after it was released. Despite a few negative reactions, it did not prevent Filipinos from relating to it to the point of creating their own memes. Can you still remember why it’s more fun in the Philippines?



Philippines DOT’s “It’s More Fun in the Philippines”




1: Nescafe’s “Para Kanino Ka Bumabangon Sa Umaga”




Despite being originally shown in 2010, this ad never fails to remind me of my personal life purpose whenever I see it aired for the past months. Nescafe defined waking up as not just the normal “gising” but “bangon”. Still remember what was your reaction to it back then?




Nescafe’s “Para Kanino Ka Bumabangon Sa Umaga?”




There you go. Other ads from my list include  Nestea’s “Ang Gaan, Ang Sarap” TVC, with a song that totally stuck into audience’s mind, and Lucky Me’s “Anong Gagawin Mo Para Makakain ng Pancit Canton?” ad.




Let me end this article with one ad that got huge buzz during the Olympics. Despite the brand’s lack of alignment with the event, it still gained tremendous clamor. Though it wasn’t shown here in the Philippines, I strongly believe this deserves an applause.


P&G’s “Best Job In the World”


These ads, definitely captured my attention, despite the chaos and the clutter in the advertising world. They show a glimpse of life in different perspectives, in a tone, that’s more positive and creative. When in Manila and you like TV advertisements, you might as well have some commercials from your personal list. Feel free to share them below.

Countdown: Memorable 2012 TV Commercials


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