Council of Leaders’ Assembly (COLA) 2020

The Council of Leaders’ Assembly is an annual assembly for student leaders in courtesy of the PUP CAF Student Council. The event is held at the beginning of every academic year for the class officers. However, due to the pandemic we are all facing, the PUP CAF Student Council has taken its precautions to ensure the safety of all its students but at the same time push through the once in a lifetime experience that these leaders would experience.

The event shall be a close door virtual event exclusive to the College of Accountancy and Finance presidents. There shall be various activities that would enhance their leadership skills even if the crisis is ongoing. A talk from several significant personas shall also be included for the welfare of the participants. It shall be a fun and exciting virtual experience for every president that we have invited

DATE: Monday, December 21, 2020 

PLATFORM: Microsoft Teams

Link to event page/site:

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