Conquer the Way to the Top: Ragnarok Champions League 2020

Ragnarok Champions League 2020 Season 1 opens its gate to the guilds who’s ready to risk it all on August 1.

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Ragnarok MSP is no foreigner when it comes to the game of conquering. With the weekly War of Emperium, guilds in both servers, Valhalla and Yggdrasil, have to always be on their toes as they vie to conquer different castles throughout Midgard. But a new level of competition among the guilds comes as a new month approaches, the Ragnarok Champions League 2020.

This year’s RCL adds a twist to the conquering game for spice. Similar to last year’s mechanics, the guilds acquire points based on the castle they conquer during the WoE periods. Their ranks will be determined to the accumulated points throughout the entire season. However, one of the factors that can be a game-change is the added bingo mechanics. To get additional points, competitors have to complete a certain pattern by conquering certain castles.

Having 2 seasons, the 4 highest ranked guilds in each season will be the participants in the upcoming Ragnarok MSP Championship 2020.

With the 1st season of RCL 2020, the road to RMSPC 2020 begins. After the second season, the biggest battle is planned to be held on October this year.

The total cash prize for this year’s RCL and RMSPC is more than PHP 1.2 million, more than what was given last year.