Congressman Wants to File Bill Taxing Pineapples on Pizza

Congressman Wants to File Bill Taxing Pineapples on Pizza 2

It looks like the debate on Hawaiian pizza has reached the congress, because one congressman is seeking to file a bill to impose taxes on pineapples that will be used on pizzas.

The proposed bill is called the “Pinoy Anti-Pineapple on Pizza Act.”

The author of the bill, who wants to remain anonymous until it is passed, told that “pineapples on pizza just don’t make sense. Taxing it can increase cash flow for more important projects, such as building new infrastructures and supporting the war on drugs.”

House Bill 0401 also aims to establish a committee called Pinya Patrol, which will ensure that only pineapples used for pizzas will be taxed. The details on how this will be done has not been discussed yet. Naturally, Hawaiian pizzas are expected to be priced higher in the coming months.

When asked his opinion on backlash from people who enjoy Hawaiian pizza, he said that there are only a few people who enjoy it, and that the “minority who enjoy it should pay more to contribute to the greater good.”

The congressman revealed that he was inspired by Iceland’s president Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, who said that he was “fundamentally opposed” to pineapple pizzas and that he would ban it if he could. He went on to apologize by releasing a statement on the “Pizza Controversy.”

The move to tax pineapples for use on pizzas in the Philippines comes at the heels of a previous attempt to tax beauty products.

The congressman submitted the bill for approval today, April 1, and he is expecting that it will be passed quickly.


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