Congratulations to Miss Philippines Gwendoline Ruais for Winning as the Miss World 2011 Runner Up


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When In Manila, it’s really nice to know that the beautiful Filipinas are getting the positive attention that they deserve!


Here we go with another beautiful pageant finalists under our belt!




CONGRATULATIONS to a friend, Gwendoline Ruais for bagging the first runner up spot in the 2011 Miss World Pageant!


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Miss Philippines, Gwendoline Ruais, was named the runner-up, while Miss Puerto Rico, Amanda Perez, came third in the contest.


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The winner of the 2011 Miss World Pageant actually went to someone who once dreamt of being a nun. Miss Venezuela, Ivian Lunasol Sarcos Colmenares!




The Miss World 2011 pageant focused on many things other than just swimsuits. I really liked their “Beauty with a Purpose” round.


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Congratulations to all the Miss World 2011 contestants! Congratulations to our friend, Miss World Philippines Gwendoline Ruais. Connect with Gwen on Twitter @Gwendolized


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Congratulations to Miss Philippines Gwen Ruais for Winning as the Miss World 2011 Runner Up


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