Congrats, A’TIN! SB19 Supporters Win Billboard’s Fan Army Face-Off


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Congratulations, SB19 and A’TIN!

A’TIN, the boy group’s fan base, recently won Billboard’s Fan Army Face-Off.

According to Billboard, the competition sees “64 artists’ fan armies enter the battle fray to find out whose fan base was the strongest.”

The showdown, which started on July 5, was held in rounds. Thirty-two groups entered the second round, then 16 in the third. The fan groups of Cardi B, EXO, Selena Gomez, Nicki Minaj, SB19, SEVENTEEN, Shakira, and TWICE competed in the quarterfinals.

Groups for Cardi B, SB19, SEVENTEEN, and Shakira advanced to the semifinals.

In the finals, A’TIN won 51.1% of the votes, versus 48.9% from SEVENTEEN’s CARATS.

The group announced the win on Twitter. They said, “Congratulations, A’TIN! You’ve once again proven the power that you hold. Maraming salamat!”

Previous winners of the Fan Army Face-Off include groups for Stray Kids, Super Junior (twice), T-ara (thrice), and BIGBANG.

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