Confessions of a Plana Forma First Timer

When In Manila, I am almost always up for a challenge and so I came across Plana Forma and thought, “hey, I could try this!” It could be a good start to my getting-fit goal for the year so that I could do more adventures and try climbing mountains and to start living healthy.

Confession #1: I never tried working out. EVER.

I signed up for a beginners class. I have no idea what to expect so I decided to read up. Plana Forma is a cross between yoga, Pilates, and dance. Now I am starting to doubt myself. Haha! But I have to suck it up and just do it! 

Plana Forma is the brainchild of Co-founder and Director of Training Julie Alagde-Carretas and the workout primarily utilizes the body’s own weight and the aid of the barre. Plana Forma is also taught to students by levels: an Intro to Forma for first-timers to condition them with the basics of proper form and alignment; Beginners classes that concentrates on the basic movements, positions, and methods; the Open or Mixed classes are tailored for students who are planning to go to the Intermediate level; the Intermediate class is for the advanced students and the workout is loaded with faster paced and more rigorous exercises. And what’s great about Plana Forma is that no classes are alike! This is something great as it will keep the students interested and look forward to their next sessions. 

Hm, sounds really challenging. A 55-minute static yet intense workout ain’t that bad, right? Or is it?

 Plana Forma has two studios in Manila, one in Centris Walk and the other one is at the Fort. I decided to take my classes at the Fort studio since it is more convenient for me. 

 The day of my first Plana Forma class came. I was nervous and excited at the same time. 


Confession #2: I feared that I will not last for 30 minutes.

You know you’re in for a challenging time when the moment you enter the room and your insides does a little churning on its own. That’s how I exactly felt the moment I entered the studio.  

I’m thankful for how cozy the studio is, that it almost calmed my nerves. Plus the staff are really friendly and accommodating too! I also met my first Plana Forma instructor, Teacher Gino and he was so nice that it gave me a little boost of confidence about my first class and I have nothing to worry about.


The Fort Studio has two rooms large enough to fit 25 students. I took a quick peek at one of the classes going on while I was waiting for my own class to start. 


 “Looks doable and easy enough“. I said to myself. Little did I know, I will eat my own words.

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Quarter to 10AM. I sat on one of the yoga mats in my very first workout garb and armed with my water bottle and a towel. I was really nervous then. I kept on thinking, what if I didn’t endure the very first routine? What if I can’t proceed anymore after the first 15 minutes of the workout? 

Being in a group, the pressure is really there. I know now why belonging in a workout class is much better than doing it on your own. I attempted how many times to do a workout by myself in the comfort of my room and even before I get my blood pumping, I am already nested in my bed. As part of the class, it makes you want to give your best because the others are working hard too.


The workout started with the warm-up with the weights (a lot of W’s for a sentence!) I was still doing okay until I looked at the clock and it says that only 10 minutes have passed and I am already starting to feel the soreness. Whatever sorcery it was that the time was too slow even though workout is progressing fast with the music , I have no clue. I never thought time runs so slow while you’re on a serious business with fat-burning. But I was determined to finish the 55-minute workout!! 


Oh, silly you. That is not a photo of us. But that’s pretty much of what happens in a Plana Forma class.

We utilized the barre, a playground ball, and a karate band. 30 minutes into the workout, my muscles were quivering that I felt I was almost giving up. But they say that when the muscles are quivering, it’s a good sign. So, let em quiver!

You can check out the Plana Forma FAQs here

Confession #3: I never felt so happy to endure a 55-minute Plana Forma class.


Yes! I survived the class!! But honestly, I was all sore afterwards and my legs were feeling weak (see how I anchored myself on the counter? Haha!) The class was surely challenging but it felt good afterwards, endorphins rocketed and I was in a good mood the entire day despite the major soreness in every inch of my body. 

Confession #4: I came back and attended more classes!

 Plana Forma did good for me! I’ve attended more than 5 classes in 5 weeks and I was happy with the benefits I gained. I lost a little weight and it certainly developed my discipline, I started caring about what I eat as to not put all those muscle-crunching into waste. Every class was something I looked forward to because it pushes me to do my best, I sweat out, I feel good and a bonus that my teachers are a lot of fun! I’ll definitely go back for more classes!

When In Manila, give Plana Forma a try and be a thigh warrior too! It’s a challenging and fun workout that’ll surely make your fats cry! 


Plana Forma


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Mc Kinley Business Park Fort Bonifacio Taguig

Contact Numbers: (632) 55308700917 8094392  



2G-21 G/F Centris Walk
EDSA corner Quezon Avenue, Diliman, QC

Contact Numbers: (632) 7099174 | 0917 5838022



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