Coming Full Circle: Anne is the Newest Member of the Jollibee Family!

Words by Louise De Luna (@louisedeluna), photos by Michael Sy (@michaelsy)

Let me start off by saying that Jollibee had the biggest influence on who my first super-kilig crush was. Two words: dimples and Chickenjoy. Yup, you guessed it–Aga Muhlach. The dimples, the chicken, and the gravy, these were enough to have me grinning every time the commercial came on. Swoon.

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I’m sure I wasn’t the only one. After all, Jollibee has been a part of Filipinos’ lives for decades. It’s been a place to hangout, eat, spend birthday parties at, and create countless of memories in.


Last February 15, 2017, Anne Curtis shared her very own Jollibee memories at Jollibee Glorietta 4, where the Jollibee family officially welcomed her as the newest endorser of one of their most popular products: the classic Burger Steak.

Anne was all smiles recounting how she was introduced to Jollibee by her mother as a young teen. The fondness for Jollibee treats was evident in her eyes, especially when she revealed that she was discovered by a talent scout while enjoying some of her favorites!

Think about it; after a magnificent career of two decades, Anne finally came full circle as the newest endorser of the restaurant she was discovered in. It’s almost poetic.


The topic of Anne’s engagement and, subsequently, her upcoming wedding, was impossible not to discuss. Not only was she glowing with love but following the Burger Steak’s tagline, Beefy Ever After, the event production team worked their magic by turning the Jollibee branch into a space beautiful enough to host a wedding reception in! There was even a live band!

We got to joke with Anne, asking if she’d want to have her wedding in Jollibee. Being a great sport, she laughed and said that perhaps in the future, Jollibee will actually host weddings.

Who knows? I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens. After all, Jollibee has always been capable of surprising the nation and the globe. And with Anne Curtis, the very embodiment of what the brand represents–optimism, energy, and love–as their newest endorser, I would definitely bet my money on it.

Watch our video interview with Anne Curtis here:


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