Come And Experience The Beauty And Goodness Of Pangasinan!

When in Manila, you’ll definitely never run out of interesting places to unwind for the Philippine archipelago  possesses  countless natural treasures waiting to be discovered! As for this occasion, it was more of a re-discovery for us!

This week, let us take you on a visual tour for you to witness the spectacular sites and experiences during our trip to Pangasinan!

Last Nov 21 – 22, When In Manila got invited on a guided tour around Pangasinan courtesy of the Pangasinan government.

Frank and I feel very fortunate to be part of the When In Manila entourage for the 1st Pangasinan Digital ICT Congress where our editor-in-chief Vince was invited as one of the guest speakers during that week long event.  As for us, our duty was to attend the tour to experience the sights, sounds, flavors as well as to witness the improvements which the government has worked so hard for the betterment of the province! The government of Pangasinan, spearheaded by their very hardworking governor, Gov. Amado T. Espino, Jr. has been doing its best in achieving its vision of  Pangasinan to become  “the best place to invest, work, live and raise a family”.

At first, we never really knew what to expect. Whatever it was, we both knew the trip was gonna be fun and memorable!

We really hate to bore you with long facts so we’ve decided to take you there with our photos. Frank and I enjoyed capturing every moment during this trip!

We never thought Pangasinan had sooo much to offer….



it was a perfect day to capture moments once again




we stayed at one of Lingayen‘s Prime resorts – the El Puerto Marina Resort and Spa



an ideal place to relax and rejuvenate



I must say, the longanisa at their restaurant was very tasty!! I just hope they can make the price more reasonable though..

I also suggest they work on their scrambled eggs  and the quality of their rice=) This meal can be improved!



It was indeed a looooong relaxing day for us. For dinner, we’ve decided to wander around town in the hope to find good eats. One good thing about us, I may say is that we always have the spirit of adventure with us. We don’t really make plans….we just say yes to whatever good unfolds! I remember telling manong driver to take us to a place where there’s food!

And so manong driver dropped us off somewhere at the capitol complex. We made a quick stroll and in no time, we saw quite a decent place to dine… the Capitol Cafe and Employee’s Lounge.

We never expected that dinner would turn out to be one of our  memorable ones, because the food tasted way better than the other hi-end  fancy looking restos in Manila! The food was definitely outstanding! Their fried chicken is the real SARAP TO THE BONES!

Super crispy!!! SARAP TO THE BONES!



After that very filling pleasant meal, we decided to wander around the capitol plaza to feel the cool night breeze.

How relaxing it was to breathe fresh air  and witness the joy and laughter of the locals that night. This is something which you can’t experience in Manila now a days. And for a moment, I wanted to exchange places with them because they live such simple and happy lives.


Frank at the famous Capitol Building which was constructed from 1917-1918 during the term of Pangasinan’s 7th Governor, Daniel Maramba




The people were very friendly and kind… living such simple and happy lives! 




Another thing which we found impressive was that the place was  very safe especially for shutterbugs like us who often have our

cameras with us.




The next day, we woke up early for our Pangasinan Tour…..



Heaven’s way of saying, “Prepare for yet another great adventure!”




 We were all asked to have breakfast at the Capitol Resort




Of course, we had to try their specialties….


Pangasinan is famous for their boneless bangus




I really miss their crispy fried Espada and the Alaminos Longanisa!!




After that super satisfying breakfast, we all hopped on the tour bus! Yey!!


We were joined by some of the ICT speakers Judith, our tour guide that day told us a lot of impressive facts about the province




First stop was a visit to the Our Lady of Manaoag Shrine!


Our Lady of Manaoag Shrine: the 400 year old church which  is still visited by believers up to this day.

A famous destination for thousands of catholic devotees from all over the world due to the countless miracles and requests granted.



believers pray for their requests to be granted




The market which surrounds the church offers a lot of souvenirs and delicacies.


Calasiao Puto and Tupig




Calasiao Puto and Kuchinta




Tupig and Patupat




For our next destination, we went on a 45 minute boat cruise along the Pantal River Mangroves.  For now, this river cruise is offered to the public for free! The Pangsinan government sure has a lot of plans for this place!


ideal for people who aim to relax and unwind




how nice it was to see a place as green as this




 the river is indeed blessed with these natural gems



For our lunch, our tour guide brought us to a so-called famous eatery in Pangasinan – Serato’s



they offer a wide variety of local dishes




We ordered this huge grilled hito (catfish)! This is now the best hito I’ve tasted so far! This was the one which we enjoyed the most!




The famous Ilocano Pinakbet




This is my first ever time to eat frogs legs! Yes, it does taste like chicken however, it wasn’t freshly fried so it felt like I was chewing rubber! ahuhuhuhu




For our next stop, we went to Je’s- the famous bagoong (shrimp paste) maker in Pangasinan!



it’s our 1st ever time to visit a bagoong factory!! The place was impressively clean!



meet their very kind lovely owner




the factory may not be modern but it sure was clean



The very Pinoy bagoong!



For our final stop, we requested Ms. Judith to take us to the wharf bound to the famous Hundred Islands!


Did you know you only have to pay 1,100- 2,000 pesos for a boat that can hold up to 15 people?  The tour includes a whole day boat trip (8-5pm) on 3 islands (food not included). Better  bring your own food because the prices in the islands are sooo expensive!




I will definitely comeback for the island hopping tour!




Frank, Judith and Me



Before heading home, the organizers took us to Dagupan City’s Galvan street where the famous Pigar-pigar is found!


Pigar pigar is actually Dagupan City‘s version of Beef Stirfry! It’s really easy to make!




Christine Mae is famous for their Pigar Pigar




deep fried strips of carabao meat and liver seasoned with salt n’ pepper 




stir fried vegetables such as cabbages, “sitsaro ” and white onions may also be added



let the feast begin!!!



It’s always a delight to try a special delicacy! The experience was very much appreciated =)




Flair Candy Hannah, yours truly and Jam




meet the  speakers and organizers of the  1st Pangasinan Digital ICT Congress!! Say hi!!!




I never thought that trip would make a strong impact on me. I remember feeling melancholy as we journeyed back to busy old Manila. I loved the simplicity of the place and impressed with Gov. Amado T. Espino, Jr. ‘s leadership. I do hope that all of their plans will be successfully implemented in the future.  I must admit that at first, I was a little doubtful but after the trip, I’m convinced that their vision in making Pangasinan “the best place to invest, work, live and raise a family” could really be attainable  in time with proper planning, hard work and cooperation by everyone.  I may say that Pangasinan is indeed a model province!


We would like to thank the dedicated people behind the success of the 1st Pangasinan Digital ICT Congress especially to Vange and JR for being such great hosts! Many thanks as well to the Pangasinan goverment for giving us this opportunity to experience the beauty and goodness of the province! Congratulations and more power to you Gov. Amado T. Espino, Jr. for doing such a great job!


So when in Manila, make it a point to treat yourselves and your loved ones!! Go on a getaway and experience the beauty and goodness of Pangasinan !





 for tour inquiries:


 for more information regarding the 1st Pangasinan Digital ICT Congress


El Puerto Marina Resort and Spa



Thank   you Frank Ruaya for these lovely photos!

To view more photos, visit EATS A DATE!




Come And Experience The Beauty And Goodness Of Pangasinan!

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