Mom has Cops Arrest her 10-Year Old Son for his Misbehavior

When In Manila, we all want to raise beautiful, smart, respectful and well-behaved children. So what do you do when your child starts acting up? Well, mother of 3, Chiquita Hill decided to scare her son straight by having the cops come over to arrest  the 10-year old boy.

Cops arrest 10 year old boy (01) 

According to the mom, having her son Sean “arrested” was not her first choice. After hearing about her son’s misbehavior and rudeness toward his teacher, Hill tried talking with him about the incidents. However, after weeks of talking and not getting anywhere, Hill started to worry how her son’s attitude could later progress to something worse. She shares how his disrespect for his teachers could later escalate to disrespect toward authority. Fearing for his future, she decided to give him a taste of what’s to come if he continues on with his behavior.

Cops arrest 10 year old boy (02)

Hill then contacted the Columbus Police Department to ask for their help. She arranged for 2 off-duty officers to arrest her son for his misbehavior to which they gladly obliged. Before cops “arrested” Sean, they met up with Chiquita to first discuss what  the arrest would look like to make  sure she was okay with it. Once everything was settled, they went in Hill’s house and talked with the 10-year old boy about his attitude. Sean didn’t believe his mom would really have him arrested until the cops handcuffed him and took him to the back of their squad car. He was left there for about 5minutes.  Of course Sean wasn’t really arrested, but that whole ordeal will surely straighten him out!

Cops arrest 10 year old boy (03)

So what do you guys (especially moms) think of what Chiquita did? Would you resort to something like this as well?


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