This Collaboration Aims to Help Filipinos Prep for the IELTS

In an exciting development, Enderun Extension and The British Council have announced the relaunch of their partnership through a ribbon-cutting and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signing ceremony last June 9, 2023, at the Enderun Coworking at the Podium Mall in Pasig City, bringing forth a range of opportunities for Filipino test takers. The collaboration aims to assist individuals preparing to take the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) examination, whether for job applications, work migration, or enhancing their professional credentials.

British Council x Enderun Coworking

Photo: Enderun

Enderun Extension, with a proven track record of working with educators, policymakers, and entrepreneurs on a global scale, makes this partnership a highly anticipated venture with the potential to further fortify the capabilities of Filipino talent.

Enderun Extension and The British Council also share another point of synergy as they are both part of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority’s (TESDA) panel of experts tasked with establishing National Competency Standards for English. This collaboration reflects the institutions’ dedication to working with like-minded partners in standardizing the national English curriculum, a step that will undoubtedly benefit the Filipino population.

The collaboration between Enderun Extension and The British Council is not entirely new. The two institutions established their partnership in 2016 when Enderun began its journey as a Learning Resource Center. Since reopening in 2022, both organizations recognized the need for a physical space that could accommodate a larger number of students, further solidifying their alliance. The British Council’s decision to collaborate closely with Enderun in creating this space reflects their commitment to nurturing the partnership’s growth.

Setting the Stage as an Ideal Testing Center and Catalyst for Career Success

According to Loida Flojo, Director of Enderun Extension, “Our flagship program in Enderun Extension in 2010 was English as a Second Language (ESL). Since then, we’ve accommodated thousands of international students learning IELTS test preparation through the years, and we’ve built a strong credibility among our academic partners. Enderun Extension’s primary goal is to upskill and retool individuals to become successful in their careers.”

In addition, Flojo explains, “Our student-centered, experiential teaching methods empower students to acquire various job opportunities by bridging the gap between classroom learning and real-world application. Now, Enderun Coworking Podium is also home to other academic and language programs that aim to elevate the Filipinos’ employment potential. I think this makes Enderun the ideal venue as a testing center.”

Pioneering Global English Language Education and Cross-Cultural Integration

Initially aimed at helping displaced individuals integrate into post-war UK society, The British Council’s commitment transcended borders over the years. Recognizing the challenges faced by international students due to language barriers, the organization collaborated with universities to develop IELTS as a standardized test ensuring students possess the necessary language skills for academic success. Today, IELTS is co-owned by The British Council, IDP Education, and Cambridge University, representing their collective dedication to its ongoing development and administration.

British Council X Coworking 2

Photo: Enderun

“Enderun Coworking at the Podium Mall is an exceptional location, boasting convenient accessibility and an appealing environment. Having had the opportunity to explore it, I must say it provides a comfortable and highly professional workspace for candidates. In our efforts to strengthen our partnership, we engage with the diverse elements of Enderun, which proves to be an excellent avenue for expanding our collaboration,” shares Samantha Smith, Regional Examination Manager of The British Council.

With the relaunch of this partnership between Enderun Extension and The British Council, a bright future awaits Filipino test takers seeking to excel in the IELTS examination. As these two esteemed institutions join forces, they are set to make a lasting impact on English language proficiency and professional development in the Philippines.

In addition, Enderun Extension has recently opened Enderun Coworking at Estancia Mall in Pasig City, providing a conducive environment for professionals and entrepreneurs to work and collaborate. This new coworking space is another location for Enderun Extension’s coworking services, which aims to support the needs of professionals and entrepreneurs in the Philippines.