How Did Coleen Garcia Treat Her Pregnancy Stretch Marks?

Over the weekend, Coleen Garcia turned to Instagram to share some photos from her pregnancy that she never got to share before. “I’ve been reminiscing and looking through old photos of this time when it was still just the two of us, and oh how different everything was,” she reminisces in the caption. “We really had no idea what we were in for, not just by having a baby, but by having a baby during THIS time. Still in the middle of a pandemic. Either way, life has been more vibrant than ever, and time really does fly. I’m somewhere between “It’s been a year already?!” and “It’s only been a year?!” and to think I haven’t even made it to the Day 1 Amari photos yet. I’ll cry. ?

The photos showcase a blooming Coleen taking selfies with her belly, going for a dip in a pool, and just enjoying the journey that is pregnancy, in general:


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In the comments section, many readers marveled at the beauty of motherhood, but there are also some who asked how Coleen got rid of her stretch marks post-pregnancy. While many pregnant women obsess about treating and eliminating their stretch marks, however, Coleen responded that hers are still there. “The color just faded, but they’re still kinda sunken,” she shares with a smiling emoji. “You can really only see them up close or in harsh lighting. Haven’t done anything to treat them.”

Coleen Garcia Pregnancy Stretchmarks screenshot

We love this response and would just like to take the time to remind you that stretch marks are completely normal and there’s no need to obsess about getting rid of them. Own them and continue being the gorgeous person that you are. 🙂

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