Coldplay and The Chainsmokers Team Up for an Awesome Single

The Chainsmokers recently surprised the world with a new single that nobody was expecting, a song called ‘Something Just Like This’ in collaboration with Coldplay – and from the looks of it, it’s sure to become a huge hit in no time. After all, you really can’t go wrong with Coldplay (at least not in my opinion).

Of course, this isn’t the first time The Chainsmokers have partnered up with awesome artists to sing on their tracks. However, this is the first time that they have partnered up with a band as huge as Coldplay. Coldplay is so huge, in fact, that people here in the Philippines went absolutely nuts trying to get first dibs on tickets in their concert in Manila his April.

Watch the lyric video of ‘Something Just Like This’ here:

Judging from the way the Philippines tends to welcome songs by The Chainsmokers (‘Roses’ and ‘Closer’ are super overplayed here, don’t you think?), I am currently relishing my love for the song before I start hearing it everywhere I go. :p

‘Something Just Like This’ will most probably be on The Chainsmokers’ debut album, which is set to come out later this year. What do you think of the song? Will you be watching Coldplay live this year?