Cocotini Beachwear: Your Beachwear in the City

When you’re living in the city and the beach just seems so far away, what should you do? Bring the beach to the city or at least make it feel like you’re at the beach! When In Manila, I have loved the beach ever since. I love wearing bikinis and beachwear because I find them comfy and nice… and when I need a break from the busy city, the beach is where I want to run to. But sometimes, because of my hectic schedule, I miss out on going to the beach and end up dressing up in beachwear in the city instead. Good thing that aside from swimsuits, Cocotini Beachwear has maxi dresses that can be worn anytime, anywhere! 

Cocotini Beachwear in the City

Cocotini Beachwear

Started by Mia Villavicencio, Amina Aranaz-Alunan, and Linnet Aguirre last 2005; Cocotini Beachwear has been producing quality and stylish pieces that can be used at the beach or even in the city. 

Cocotini Beachwear was actually the first store to produce swimsuits with glamorous embellishments, flirty ruffles, cheerful florals, slimming stripes, and daring animal prints in the local market.

Since then, they have been making worship-worthy beach style swimwear all the time, along with stylish cover-ups that complement the swimwear. They also make maxi dresses, most of which can be worn in the city just like casual dresses.

Here are some of Cocotini’s newest maxi dresses and short cover ups! And I got the chance to try some of them! 

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Cocotini beachwear Maxi Dresses

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 Cocotini beachwear Short Cover Ups

Cocotini Beachwear and Me

I really had fun doing my solo photo shoot with these Cocotini beachwear pieces! I loved how the short coverup covered my whole body. I felt so wholesome wearing it because it didn’t show much of my skin, but still made me feel sexy. 

Cocotini Beachwear in the City3

Cocotini Beachwear in the City4
With my Cocotini maxi dress, I felt so confident wearing it. For the longest time, I’ve been telling myself that maxi dresses won’t suit me. They won’t look good and will never look good since I wasn’t gifted with height! BUT, when I tried on Cocotini beachwear’s maxi dress… I was so happy that I really liked how it looked on me. Comfy and classy, Cocotini’s maxi dresses is now one of my favorite pieces! Not only that, I can definitely use this piece going to the malls or anytime I just want to feel like I’m strolling and relaxing on the beach!

Cocotini Beachwear in the City7

Cocotini beachwear’s maxi dress is so fab!

Cocotini Beachwear in the City6

Cocotini Beachwear also customises swimwear, by the way. Taking into consideration the client’s detailed preferences in cloth and design, anything the client wants… Cocotini gives!

A brand very dedicated to bringing creative styles and exotic flair to the market, Cocotini Beachwear is definitely worth every penny spent! So, When In Manila and in need of swimwear, cover ups or maxi dresses… be sure to check out Cocotini Beachwear’s constantly updating collections!



Catch your Cocotini beachwear at the following:

USwim Department, Rustan’s Makati
USwim Department, Rustan’s Shangri-La Mall
SoFA Retail Lab, Power Plant Mall
Regalo Boutique, Shangri-La Boracay’s Resort and Spa

Also available online at: 





 Cocotini Beachwear: Your Beachwear in the City