Who Is Claudio Bravo Camus And Why Is He Important Enough To Have A Google Doodle?

If you’ve been on Google today then you’ve most likely come across a Google Doodle depicting colored packages tied up with twine. The seemingly mundane picture is actually inspired by some of Claudio Bravo Camus‘ best-known works from the parcel series. The doodle itself is in celebration of Bravo’s 83rd birthday and in remembrance of his artistic legacy.

claudio bravo camus google doodle

(Is There Really A “Correct” Way To Appreciate Art?)

Born in Chile but having stayed in Spain, the Philippines, New York, and Morocco for extended periods of time Bravo was said to have been inspired by a diverse set of influences. He received training from Miguel Venegas Cifuentes, another Chilean artist, but was primarily self-taught and looked to the Spanish classical masters. Bravo made his mark on history with his hyperrealist paintings.

He established his career as a society portraitist, revered for his skill in capturing the complexity of subjects and demanded by many high-profile figures. Former dictator Francisco Franco, President Ferdinand Marcos and First Lady Imelda Marcos, and Malcolm Forbes are only a few of his most prominent clients. However, his legacy lies in the work he was able to produce once moving on from commissions.

Bravo would continue to paint portraits, still lifes, landscapes, and animals but would be best remembered for his rendering of packages. White Package, one work from the series, would go on to sell for more than $1 million in 2004.

On June 4, 2011, Bravo passed away due to complications from epilepsy.

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