Clash of Clans Hugot Lines

Just when you thought Clash of Clans players are just glued on their smartphones to attack enemy bases or train troops or do whatsoever on their bases, we also know some pa-“deep” stuff.

Check out these Clash of Clans “hugot” lines.

Some we got from the Internet, some we made on our own.


On how to fight for love

COC Hugot (6)

On knowing when to give enough space whenever needed.

COC Hugot (7)

On being loving, naks!

COC Hugot (8)

On waiting for someone you love.

COC Hugot (9)

On hoping he/she comes back…

COC Hugot (10)

On hoping he/she loves you unconditionally..

COC Hugot (11)

On having someone to love.

COC Hugot (12)

On being serious

COC Hugot (13)

That kind of lover..

COC Hugot (14)

On smiling but crying inside..

COC Hugot (15)

On believing in second chances

COC Hugot (16)

On moving on…

COC Hugot (17)

That girl… 🙂

COC Hugot (18)

Free hugs

COC Hugot (19)

“Malalim na hugot.”

COC Hugot (20)

On being there always..

COC Hugot (1)

Not playing with feelings

COC Hugot (2)

On being driven away

COC Hugot (3)

Your girlfriend.

COC Hugot (4)

On having enough QT (quality time)

COC Hugot (5)

Who can relate? Raise your smartphone with COC.