City of Dream’s Ruby Jack’s Steakhouse is the Place for a Prime Steak Experience

Known for its highest quality steaks, Ruby Jack’s Steakhouse launches a new variety of starters, sidings, and desserts that will complement its premium selection of Japanese A5 Wagyu, Australian, and US char-grilled and dry-aged beef steaks, freshly-grilled seafood, and meats.

09.09.17 Ruby Jacks 15by Arah Josmin B. ReguyalChef Matthew Crabbe

“Ruby Jack’s is originally a popular steakhouse in Japan and for more than 2 years of operations in Manila, we are delighted that diners at the luxury integrated resort City of Dreams get to experience Ruby Jack’s highest quality steaks, meats and seafood, and its impeccable service. We further strive to excite the palate of diners with the timely introduction of innovative new dishes that complement our highly-sought-after main courses,” said by Chef-Owner Matthew Crabbe who has an extensive experience in Australia working for Tetsuya of Sydney and flew in to Manila to introduce these new dishes.

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09.09.17 Ruby Jacks 21by Arah Josmin B. Reguyal

During the media preview, we were able to try the new dishes which are made of choice ingredients from the Philippines and around the world.

New Starters

09.09.17 Ruby Jacks 20by Arah Josmin B. ReguyalCoconut Flamed Foie Gras with Caramelized Pineapple and Cashews (P650)

09.09.17 Ruby Jacks 14by Arah Josmin B. ReguyalBlack Angus Carpaccio with Whipped Homemade Ricotta and Sugar Tomatoes (P700)

09.09.17 Ruby Jacks 16by Arah Josmin B. ReguyalSizzling Scallops with Whipped Shio Konbu Butter and Burnt Dalandan (P900)

Some of the new starters that we got to try during the media preview are coconut flamed foie gras with caramelized pineapple and cashews, black Angus carpaccio with whipped home-made ricotta and sugar tomatoes, and sizzling scallops with whipped shio konbu butter and burnt dalandan.

New Sidings

09.09.17 Ruby Jacks 28by Arah Josmin B. ReguyalMashed Potato Garlic Chips (P250)

09.09.17 Ruby Jacks 25by Arah Josmin B. ReguyalOregano Brushed and Torched Peppers (P250)

09.09.17 Ruby Jacks 26by Arah Josmin B. ReguyalCauliflower Gratin with Truffle Scent (P400)

Choice of sidings is served with any of the premium char-grilled steaks, meats, and seafood. My favorite side dish is the mashed potato. I like its texture; how smooth and creamy it was. It totally defines perfection.


09.09.17 Ruby Jacks 32by Arah Josmin B. Reguyal

Options for steaks include char-grilled beef cuts from Japanese wagyu (with marbling score from 1 to 5, 5 being the highest) such as the famous Wagyu from Saga, from the Southern island of Kyushu Japan: premium A5 saga wagyu sirloin 300 grams (P6,700), A3 300 grams (P5,700); USA USDA prime rib eye 400 grams (P4,000); Australian Stockyard 200-day grain-fed cube rolls 400 grams (P3,000); John Dee Super Gold 160-day grain-fed black Angus beef fillet 250 grams (P3,000), T-bone 800 grams (P 4,700) and Tomahawk (P600 per 100 grams); and in-house dry-aged beef (P800 per 100 grams).

09.09.17 Ruby Jacks 31by Arah Josmin B. Reguyal
09.09.17 Ruby Jacks 23by Arah Josmin B. Reguyal
09.09.17 Ruby Jacks 24by Arah Josmin B. Reguyal
Other char-grilled meats on the menu are cherry smoked premium double lamb chops (P1,400) and USA snake farm Kurobuta Pork Chop twice cooked double Dijon (P2,000). For seafood lovers, they can indulge in teppan-grilled Atlantic salmon with preserved lemon black sesame dust kale (P1,200), char-grilled local yellowfin tuna with tomato, sesame, pickled cucumber rocket (P1,200) and char-grilled live Palawan lobster with Hollandaise sauce (P8,000).

New Desserts

09.09.17 Ruby Jacks 40by Arah Josmin B. ReguyalPearls of Asia with Lychee and Agar, Coconut Espuma and Tapioca Pineapple (P400)

09.09.17 Ruby Jacks 38by Arah Josmin B. ReguyalOlive Oil Pistachio Pound Cake with Grounded Pistachio, Whipped Ricotta and Lavender Jasmine Ice Cream (P400)

09.09.17 Ruby Jacks 36by Arah Josmin B. ReguyalDouble Baked Sizzling Cheesecake served with Coriander Ice Cream and Salted Caramel (P400)

09.09.17 Ruby Jacks 41by Arah Josmin B. ReguyalJaffa Chocolate Dome with Chocolate Sorbet and Jaffa Orange Agar (P400)

These desserts are original and creative recipes of their pastry team. The double baked sizzling cheesecake is my favorite dessert and definitely a must-try when you dine at Ruby Jack’s Steakhouse and Bar.

09.09.17 Ruby Jacks 1by Arah Josmin B. Reguyal

09.09.17 Ruby Jacks 7by Arah Josmin B. Reguyal

Try their best-selling cocktails, Citrus Mojito, and Strawberry Bellini. Citrus mojito is a combination of imported lemon liquor, soda, mint, lemon and Philippine lime while Strawberry Bellini is a combination of fresh strawberries and champagne. If you don’t feel like eating, you can just chill and enjoy at the bar station of Ruby Jack’s Steakhouse.

Ruby Jack's Steak Wine House

A selection of wines, cocktails, and mocktails are available to pair with the a la carte menu for lunch, snacks or dinner. Guest may either dine in the dining hall or chill at the 15 seat counter bar. If you’re looking for a place to dine at with your family or loved ones, or just a place to chill at with your friends, Ruby Jack’s Steakhouse & Bar will give you a memorable experience like no other.

Ruby Jack’s Steakhouse & Bar

UG/F, The Shops at the Boulevard, City of Dreams Manila
Operating Hours: 10 am to 12 am
(02) 801-8888