City Of Dreams’ 9 Well-Prepared Chinese Dishes To Promote Luck, Happiness, and Prosperity

Chinese New Year has begun, and what an exquisite way to welcome it by being with friends, family, and enjoying abundant dishes.

COD 4-side

Last January 27, I had the privilege to dine in with respectable bloggers at Crystal Dragon in Crown Hotel, City Of Dreams.

Crystal Dragon is one the luxurious integrated resort’s premium restaurants that serves exclusively Chinese New Year-themed a la carte and set menus from January 16 to February 11, 2017. While 24-hour casual Chinese dining at Noddl8 offers sumptuous dishes for all of January and February. Themed gift items for the festive occasion are likewise available at Café Society.

It was a thrilling experience as the dishes presented were to signify good luck, happiness, and prosperity.

First, we were served a colorful appetizer called Prosperity Fish Yu Shang with Fresh Fruit Salad.

cod 10

According to their Executive Chef, colorful salad symbolizes wellness and celebration. Roasted duck for fertility; melon (cantaloupe) for family unity, growth, and good health; onion oil for cleverness; peanut sauce for health, long life, the birth of prosperity, and peanuts for continuous growth, multiplication in wealth, and good fortune. As for me, all I can say is the salad was fantastic!

Followed by Braised Eight Sea Treasure and Shredded Abalone Broth.


This one hit the spot! It has similarities of Pinoy’s Tinola. However, this one has crab meat, fish maw (for abundance), dried scallops (for opening of new horizons), sea cucumber, and cordyceps.

Another splendid dish was served and it’s called: Slow-cooked Supreme Cucumber with Abalone and Pork Knuckle in a Clay Pot


As advised by my Cardiologist, no more pork for the next two months. But when I read the description of the food that pork knuckle brings income and a wish fulfilled, I knawed on the soft, chewy, and tasteful pork knuckle. Furthermore, the abalone means gold, money, and wealth. Therefore, this dish was an exception to the rule.

The next one was another delightful Oven-baked Marinated Cod Fish Fillet with Fragrant Golden Garlic.


Since I can only eat fish, I ate three pieces of this perfectly-cooked Cod fish fillet. The Cod fish represents abundance while the (cheese) golden garlic means everlasting, eternity, and long life.

And the dish I was waiting for was the Wok-fried King Prawns with Supreme Soy Sauce Reduction.


I must admit, this dish was amazing. The shrimp means liveliness, according to the Chef.

Nope, we’re not done yet. Not even close, peeps.

The next dish served was Roasted Chicken Roll filled with Foie Gras and Wild Mushrooms.


I wasn’t able to taste this as I was already full. Nevertheless, judging from my fellow bloggers’ reactions, they were satisfied. Chicken represents prosperity, the togetherness of the family, and joy, while the wild truffles signify longevity.

The last and not in the picture was the Wok-fried Shanghai Rice Cake Sliced with Selected Seafood.

Wait, they also served the most important dish of the day: desserts.

We had Mango Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream and Three- Flavor Chinese New Year Nian-Gao Platter.

mango pudding city of dreams

Again, I had to disobey my doctor’s advise as I cannot say NO to any desserts. (So sorry, Doc!). I enjoyed everything in the picture! I even wanted to get more of the cashew nuts broken red bean paste pandan roll!

The Chinese New Year Abundance Menu is available in a la carte and small groups (minimum of four to six persons). Crystal Dragon is open daily for lunch from 12 PM to 3 PM and dinner from 6 PM to 11 PM.

The Chinese New Year Menu is also extended to other restaurants in City Of Dreams like Noddl8 (open 24 hours) and Cafe Society Monday – Thursday (10 AM – 10 PM) and Friday through Sunday (10 AM to 12 AM).

Should you want to celebrate intimate gatherings with family and friends during this momentous celebration, guests can head to City Of Dreams KTV and avail of the Chinese New Year KTV Package.

For more details, you may call 800-8080 or email

So, visit City Of Dreams and have a prosperous and abundant Year of the Rooster!

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