City of Dreams’ DreamPlay Celebrates Its 1st Anniversary with a New Mascot

A child’s sense of carefree wonder and fun is the best thing in this world and DreamPlay celebrates this colorful, intangible gem with their award-winning movies and other related services and products for their first year anniversary.


Time flies by so fast! Just last year, When In Manila was excited for the opening of DreamPlay. Now, a year has already gone by, but they haven’t stopped bringing us the best!

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DreamPlay, City of Dreams’ DreamWorks-inspired interactive play space, celebrated its first anniversary this month, inviting kids, guests, and media to witness some of the events that happened during its first year and to formally announce its lineup of new activities.


City of Dreams’ Property President Geoff Andress, celebrity and socialite Tessa Prieto-Valdez and daughter Athena, Family Entertainment Center Director Tourino Dilaga along Madagascar’s King Julien cut the cake for DreamPlay’s 1st Birthday

The anniversary program included the first appearance of a new mascot, Madagascar’s King Julien:

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Who would not love Madagascar’s King Julien? He is the perfect combination of naughty and nice. Even as a grown-up, it puts a smile on my face when I see him dance.

Kids and kids at heart would really enjoy watching King Julien and his crew in the upcoming events in DreamPlay.

DreamPlay is also treating its guests with a limited-time 1 year celebration activities such as:

• DreamWorks character photo-ops including a souvenir printed photo
• Weekend fun with Shrek and Donkey making some hot air balloon-shaped gingerbread cookies
• Weekend flash mob celebration
• Interactive arts and crafts workshops

Asking City of Dreams’ Property President on how he thinks DreamPlay can affect the Filipino youth, he gave an example on how he visited an orphan and brought a girl named Tricia to DreamPlay. Starting out as a very timid girl, he saw her imagination unlocked when she was in the interactive playroom. “I saw her confidence grow. I saw her from being timid to being enthusiastic. She never would’ve had that experience if she didn’t come here and that experience unlocked different parts of her mind.”

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DreamPlay is more than just a mere amusing place for children and the child at heart. It is a studio centered in making the young ones happy while also contributing to their growth and development. After all, isn’t that the best thing about being a kid?


City of Dreams’ Dreamplay


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