When In Manila Sneak Peek: DreamPlay, The DreamWorks Inspired Interactive Attraction At City Of Dreams Manila

When In Manila Sneak Peek: DreamPlay, The DreamWorks Inpired Interactive Attraction At City Of Dreams Manila

When the country’s media were given a tour of the new City of Dreams Manila last Monday, excitement levels went up noticeably when our group walked around a corner and big illuminated letters spelling out “DreamPlay” suddenly appeared in front of us. This DreamWorks Animation inspired attraction has been one of the main talking points of the resort and here is an exclusive first look at this exciting new concept.

A full review will follow as soon as it opens!

DreamWorks-DreamPlay-City-of-Dreams-manila (1)The entrance to DreamPlay at City of Dreams Manila

DreamPlay is situated around the corner from the Chaos and Pangaea night clubs on the upper ground floor above the main casino area, and while the official opening date for this attraction has not yet been confirmed, March looks somewhat likely. Until then, members of the media were amongst the very few people allowed to have a look around the nearly finished area and these are currently the only official shots we are allowed to share with you.

DreamWorks-DreamPlay-City-of-Dreams-manila (2)The attraction is expected to open in March 2015

Officially referred to as an education-based, interactive entertainment concept, DreamPlay contains plenty of physical challenges that will test the balance, bravery and creativity of kids while utilizing modern safety equipment to keep the nerves of watching parents under control. All experiences were designed exclusively for City of Dreams Manila by the artistic and creative forces of DreamWorks Animation and iP2 Entertainment, and this is the first attraction of this kind in the world.

DreamWorks-DreamPlay-City-of-Dreams-manila (3)Learn Kung Fu at the Kung Fu Panda Dojo

Kids will be able to take part in exciting activities involving some of the much loved and well known DreamWorks characters. Explore Shrek’s swamp house, learn Kung Fu at the Kung Fu Panda Dojo, build and fly your own Dragon, or help the Penguins of Madagascar to create a sound seafaring vessel – these are just some of the things to do and explore. The facility can cater for around 1200 people at a time and the estimated time needed to complete all the experiences will be around four hours, although you can spend a lot longer there.

DreamWorks-DreamPlay-City-of-Dreams-manila (4)Dare you climb the Stairway To Heaven?

The facility uses a lot of technology to make it all work, including RFID wristbands for guests as well as motion detection features and clever projections of DreamWorks characters who will interact with visitors, and while it is mainly aimed at children, you can bet your bottom dollar that we will be first in line to review it once it officially opens!

DreamPlay at City of Dreams Manila


When In Manila Sneak Peek: DreamPlay, The DreamWorks Inspired Interactive Attraction At City Of Dreams Manila