Circuit Magazine feature of The Wake Up Show with Vince Golangco and Tracy Abad

When In Manila, be sure to pick up a copy of Circuit Magazine to hear about all the best parties and events from around  the metro!




Just wanted to say thanks so much to our friends J.R. Isaac and the rest of Circuit Magazine for this awesome first feature of The Wake Up Show on their May 2011 issue of Circuit Magazine!


Circuit Magazine is the premier free publication to find the hottest events and parties around Metro Manila. You can also hear about these parties and events from Editor-in-Chief: JR Isaac as he joins The Wake Up Show on Mellow 94.7 every Wednesday, 8am for Circuit Radio and find out even




Who needs coffee, when you got Vince and Tracy to be your morning adrenalin! They’re immature, unorganized, irresponsible, undisciplined and loud. But hey…. they’re FUN! The NEW Wake Up Show is here!


Vince and Tracy are the most dynamic of dynamic duos who power up your mornings on The Wake Up Show! With their witty banter, trending topics and fun personalities, you’re sure to be LOL-ing your morning blues away.




Win cool prizes everyday while having one crazy fun time on The Wake Up Show; hosted by Vince and Tracy. With their daily crazy contests like the T-T Game (Television Trivia), the C.O.C.K. Game (Challenge On Cinema Knowledge), the One Minute Attack and more!




DJ Vince graduated from San Diego State University with a major in Communication and a minor in Business. He’s currently a TV show host for Tek Tok TV (Tech Talk TV) and is the Editor-in-Chief / Creative Director of the top website: Vince’s upbeat, comedic and uber-caffeinated personality makes him a perfect fit for the awesome-twosome-tandem on The Wake up Show. Vince is a surfer, a skater, a writer and an adventure seeker. He also claims to be a ninja, but no sightings of this claim have been reported…


His partner in crime is the ever beautiful and entertaining DJ Tracy! Leave it to her to supercharge your mornings with her hilarious antics, witty comebacks and addicting laughter. Tracy is a pseudo TV personality who has hosted for a various type of shows : Mall Diva, Basketball Crazy, Living Well, UAAP – courtside reporter for University of the East, Living Asia and more.This former commercial model who loves fashion is even pumped up with PR skills blended with creative juice. A Graduate from Assumption College with a major in Communication Management, she’s a dj with a mission, to make The Wake Up Show the happiest show on radio.




Hear your favorite music and hang out with two of the hottest DJs in the Philippines (according to! The Wake Up Show: the happiest place on radio, with Vince and Tracy, M-F 6am-10am, only on Mellow 94.7.

You can connect with Vince and Tracy on Twitter @VinceGolangco and @TracyAbad



Circuit Magazine feature of The Wake Up Show with Vince Golangco and Tracy Abad