CineMangarap: An Avenue of Indie Dreams for Filipino Films


When in Manila, one can’t help noticing the vibrant life pulsating through the concrete punctuated by the smorgasbord of sounds, sights, and smells from the inhabitants of the city. The constant assault of stimuli on the senses inevitably mold the most creative minds; for truly, life breeds creativity.


Being a people full of life, ergo a people with right brains exploding with color, music, and taste, it seems contradicting that our passionate love for the arts have very limited avenues to express and exhibit. This is what a group of dynamic individuals got together for and aim to address. Their answer to the you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me small number of avenues for these bright artists is CineMangarap.


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In its first ever event, CineMangarap: Indie Long, Short Ito, a film exhibition which ran from December 2- December 4, 2011, they showcased thirteen short independently produced films at Vinyl on Vinyl Art Gallery in Makati.


I came with my brother, his girlfriend, and his girlfriend’s friend. We were a little bit late (we missed two films— in our defense, it was raining crazily and we had to wait ages for a cab ). I was very excited as my visual senses got assailed by the very interesting and beautiful graffiti on Vinyl on Vinyl’s walls. The artsy vibe of the place is very apt for this event, and I honestly couldn’t think of any other place better to hold the exhibit in. It was cozy, induces gushing of creative juices just by merely walking around the place and staring at the walls (with very few blank spots, as if put there as an afterthought). It has been a while since I experienced anything artsy fartsy so the excitement is understandable. I expected to be able to fully indulge my artistic side, and I was not disappointed. I settled in with the scent of comforting popcorn (and soda which came free with the P150.00 ticket) lingering in the air.





My brother reminded me early on to keep my acerbic tongue in check as the creators of the films might be present. Not that he needed to, I had very few commentaries to run through my head as I totally enjoyed the whole experience and forgot to be in critic mode (yes, I fancy my opinions to matter in these things). I laughed, cringed, teared up, choked up, got bewildered, and had my hackles raised while watching the movies.





Interviewing one of the organizers, Jay (who also starred in one of the 13 films shown), I felt his passion that he shares with for supporting local talent which is in dire need of attention. It was heartwarming to know that people are actually getting their butts to work and do something about what most people will just complain endlessly (and pointlessly) about.





I like their straightforward concept of merely showcasing talent, profit not being the priority, and competition amongst the entries not being fostered. Just plain appreciation of brilliant art, and nothing else. I also was pleased with the nice mix of the selection of the films; there is something for everybody: comedy, fantasy, political, teenybopper, etc. It was a very entertaining event, and it felt good to be able to give support to Filipino talent which, God knows, get very little of.




The organizers hope to make it an annual event, and with the warm reception of the audience, it’s a goal not hard to reach. As early as now, there are talks and plans for the next instalment of this CineMangarap event. Let us continue supporting Filipino films, and local talent!





For inquiries, aspiring filmmakers,

sponsors , and the likes, you may contact the following:

Ivan (09178552379) and Jay (0917 2024813).


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CineMangarap: An Avenue of Indie Dreams for Filipino Films