Cinema Ceiling in Ayala Center Cebu Collapses

At around 8:40pm last night, water was said to have started leaking from the ceiling of cinema 5 in Ayala Center Cebu. According to witnesses, the cinema was full with over 300 attendees as it was reserved for the launch of an Australian company’s latest tv ad campaign.

One of the witnesses, Alexis Y. shares his experience with

“Water started to fall from the ceiling. We thought it was raining hard outside. So the people started walking out of the cinema very calmly until the ceiling started to fall. When we got outside the cinema, there was no rain at all. So it was probably the water pipes,” shares Alexis.

“When the ceiling started to fall, everyone started running out. We were in shock. Then i started calling my friend who might still be inside. I was hosting their pre-event at The Social just across the cinema. So I stayed to watch the actual launching. I was seated at the very front row, closest to the cinema door. My friend and I got out safe. We left immediately after we found each other.” he adds.

 Another video posted by Theo J. shows the ceiling collapsing in the end.

“God, thank you for saving everyone…’twas supposedly a big night for our company as we launch our new brand ad campaign… but this thing happened… so sad Ayala took sometime to respond for the emergency.”

“I am one of the employees of Dreamscape Networks and that night was supposedly the launching of our new brand ad campaign for Crazy Domains. Everyone was having fun watching the company’s presentation. We weren’t even halfway through the event when something burst on top of the ceiling. Then seconds later, water starts sprinkling. We actually thought that that was a part of the event as an effect but sprinkle turns into pouring water… heavy pouring water so everyone is moving away when suddenly the ceiling collapsed.” shares Theo J. 

Though unverified, a few attendees were said to have been injured from the event. We do hope however that no one was seriously hurt.

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