12 Unique Christmas Gifts for Dogs, Cats, and Pet Owners

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time to actually sit down and think about what to give as gifts to your loved ones.

In this specific article, we’re recommending unique gifts perfect for pet lovers and their dogs and cats. Check them out below!

1. Pet Stamp

christmas gifts for pet owners

These adorable customized stamps are to die for! Simply send a photo of your (or your friend’s) pet and wait for the finished product to arrive at your doorstep. You’ll definitely be stamping your furbaby’s face everywhere with this! BUY it here!

2. Portable Lint Remover

christmas gifts for pet owners

If there’s one pain that all pet lovers share, it’s the trouble of having pet hair everywhere. This sleek portable lint remover will help restore your clothes, fabrics, and furniture to a fresh new look with one light sweep! BUY it here!

3. Pillow Pet

christmas gifts for pet owners

Yeah, sometimes we just can’t get enough of our pets that we could just hug and squish them all day. Although you can’t do that to your real living and breathing pet, you can do so with this custom-made pillow! BUY it here!

4. QR Pet Tag

christmas gifts for pet owners

Ensure the safety and well-being of your pets with these amazing smart QR pet tags by technology company Pawnec!

Pawnec’s smart QR tags not only help people identify your pet as yours but it also consolidates all of your pet’s important information. More importantly, you can track when and where your furbaby is marked missing or reported stolen. BUY it here!

5. Biodegradable Poop Bags

christmas gifts for pet owners

Do your part in saving the environment and switch from using plastics to clean up after your dog to a more eco-friendly option such as these biodegradable poop bags! It also comes with its own dispenser so you can easily bring it around during outdoor walks. BUY it here!

6. Pet Surveillance Camera

christmas gifts for pet owners

Do you often need to leave your pets alone at home but end up worrying about them the whole day? Having a surveillance camera like this one by Xiaomi will help ease your anxiety. It’s so easy to use with your phone app and you can mount the camera itself anywhere around your house. BUY it here!

7. Pet Socks

christmas gifts for pet owners

Aren’t these just funny in a cute way? If you or a friend are certified collectors of artsy socks, then these are great gifts to give for the holidays. BUY it here!

8. Pet keychain

christmas gifts for pet owners

We all wish we could take our furbabies everywhere, but sometimes it’s just impossible to do so. If you’re the type to miss your pets a lot while traveling around, get this cute custom-made keychain of your pet’s face!

Tip: if you’re giving this as a gift, take note that orders will take 20 days to fulfill so you better hit the check-out button ASAP. BUY it here!

9. Customized Art of Your Pets

christmas gifts for pet owners

Photo by Therese Aseoche

Art pieces are truly a great way to show your love for your pets. Have a piece commissioned by a local artist like this one I had made of our furbaby! Contact them directly on Instagram to see how you can get one done for your pet.

10. Pawcasso Painting Kit for Dogs

christmas gifts for pet owners

This is an adorable art activity you can do with your pets! This painting kit includes everything you need for your dogs to create their masterpiece. How it works is that you put down blobs of paint on the canvas, then smother a hearty helping of Bark n’ Bite’s peanut butter on the ziplock bag which you will then place on top of the canvas. Watch your dogs lick up the peanut butter while simultaneously creating their abstract art piece below and you’ve got yourself something to hang up at home that you can proudly tell friends and family your furbaby did! BUY it here!

11. Pet Vaccination Passport

christmas gifts for pet owners

This vaccination passport will let you monitor your pet’s vaccination and deworming schedules and other important information. You can have them customized to include your pet’s “passport” picture and personal details too! BUY it here!

12. Customized Pet Key Caps

christmas gifts for pet owners

These handmade keycaps are perfect for those who spend most of their day at their desk with their special mechanical keyboard. Just send a cute photo of your cat or dog and wait for the adorable custom-made keycap to arrive! BUY it here!

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