Chris Pratt and Chris Evans Just Interacted on Twitter And The Internet Is Swooning

Perhaps you already know Chris Pratt and Chris Evans, both gorgeous Marvel Cinematic Universe characters, and two out of four of our favorite Chris-es in Hollywood — the other two being fellow superheroes Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pine, of course!

Of course, the idea of having four totally adorable Chris-es in Hollywood is not lost on fans, with a number of Chris-themed quizzes making the rounds on the internet!

Four of them seem to have their own thing going on — Chris Pine is with the growing DC Universe, while Pratt, Evans and Hemsworth do have their own share of individual projects, so to see two Chris-es interacting with each other is just exciting for many fans!

Take a look at this recent Chris-ception, for example. Chris Pratt, being the adorkable guy he is, took one of those Chris quizzes, and came up with this rather fantastic result:

Of course, Evans himself had to chime in:

And Twitter was just having a field day.

Which one is your favorite Chris? Let us know!


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