Chinese Toddler Run Over Twice By Trucks- No One Helps



When in Manila, I was sipping on a lovely mug of hot chocolate and surfing the net, when a video on my Facebook news feed caught my attention, it’s called “Chinese Toddler Hit and Run…” I immediately clicked on the link and was greatly disheartened and disgusted by what I saw. Before proceeding to watch the video, I have to warn you that it is VERY GRAPHIC and that it is definitely not for the faint hearted. Click here for the video courtesy of a Chinese news program or here courtesy of BBC News.  


2 year-old Lulu was wondering the streets of the city of Foshan when she was struck down by a truck. As if that weren’t bad enough, she was again, run over by a second truck. What depressed me though was the fact that there were several people who saw the poor child lying on the street but didn’t even bother to check on her. They walked on by as if she were another piece rubbish on the road. Within a span of 6 minutes, around 10 pedestrians walked past Lulu. No one even bothered to call an ambulance. 


As disheartening and difficult it was for me to watch the video, I would like to say that my faith in humanity has not been shaken, and I have a random scavenger to thank that for. At the end of the video, a woman who makes a living out of collecting garbage is seen dragging the child to safety and calling out for help until her cries are heard by the child’s mother. Lulu is currently in intensive care and is under the watchful eyes of several doctors, and now, the world. 


The video has sparked outrage amongst millions of viewers around the world, many screaming how disgraceful and shameful the people in the video are. However, I’m one who’d like to take into account the silver lining of the video… Though there may be heartless individuals in this world, there are people who care as well. Who go out of their way to help people even if they don’t necessarily have the resources to do so. What, the scavenger lady didn’t have a single penny on her, it wasn’t like she’d be able to shoulder the child’s hospital bills, but her STOPPING AND TAKING THE TIME TO BRING HER TO SAFETY saved Lulu’s life. Sometimes we think that helping people require grand gestures when more often than not, all they need are simple acts of kindness. 



Chinese Toddler Run Over Twice By Trucks- No One Helps




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