Child Pandesal Vendor Allegedly Was Not Robbed

Child Pandesal Vendor Allegedly Was Not Robbed

Earlier this month, we posted about a child pandesal vendor who was reportedly robbed of his PhP200 earnings along with the pandesal he was selling.

A video of the kid showing what seems to be the aftermath of the said robbery with the boy crying and shaking in fear went viral on social media. According to the bystander, the kid didn’t want to go home afterwards because he was afraid to face his mother and tell her that he lost everything.


However, in an unexpected and conflicting turn of events, a post from the website of ABS-CBN News says that the boy’s claims allegedly aren’t true.

The post details that the police noticed conflicting statements of the kid regarding where the reported robber ran off to. The police added that “the boy made up the story because he did not want to be beaten up by his mother again if he failed to bring money home.”

They also said that this is the third time he claimed that he was robbed.

It could have been that some residents told the boy to say that he was robbed so that he would not be beaten up by his mother anymore, the police mentioned.

The post ended with the following statement, “Police are still studying if the mother of the boy should face charges for beating up her son and if the boy should consult a psychologist.”

What do you think of this turn of events?

Whether this is true or not, what do you think should be done to help?

Share with us your thoughts in the comments.

Child Pandesal Vendor Allegedly Was Not Robbed

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