Chihuahua Mexican Grill Heats Up Your Saturday Night With “The Salsa Project”

 When in Manila and eager to spice up your usual Saturday night, why not bring along a bunch of friends and salsa the night away at Chihuahua?


The famous Mexican grill and margarita bar, known for serving up some of the best burritos in town, has teamed up with Salsa Fanatics to bring you “The Salsa Project.” Every Saturday from 10pm onwards, enjoy a hip-swaying good time as Salsa Fanatics busts out some hypnotic Latin tunes and sets the stage for a night of dancing and partying. And the best part is, Salsa Fanatics even offers FREE dance lessons for the salsa-curious! 



What better way to join in on the fun? Not only do you get to enjoy a great night out, your also get to learn something new! I can guarantee you that Chihuahua’s Salsa Project is bound to get you dancing the night away, regardless if you have two left feet, as they were able to work their magic on me despite my nonexistent dance skills. It sure makes for a unique night out if you’re eager to try something different for a change.


Best to load up on some of Chihuahua’s super refreshing cocktails first to give you that extra spring in your step! Sure helps with easing up those tense toes 😉



And once you’ve had your fill of all that dancing and margaritas, settle down with some hearty Mexican munchies like Chihuahua’s best-selling burritos and nachos!

Chihuahua’s “The Salsa Project” happens every Saturday night, is open to all, and offers FREE Salsa lessons for the first half-hour. It’s definitely something worth checking out When in Manila!

“The Salsa Project” by Chihuahua Mexican Grill and Margarita Bar


Every Saturday, 10pm onwards at Chihuahua, Makati Ave.


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Chihuahua Mexican Grill Heats Up Your Saturday Night With “The Salsa Project”


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