Chibo Okonomiyaki Serves Premium Executive Set Meals to Fill You Up

If you’re craving for Japanese food, where do you usually go? Chibo Okonomiyaki should be one of your top choices in the Metro! Chibo opened its first branch at S Maison last June 15, 2016 and its second branch last December 11, 2017 at The Podium. This restaurant has been serving their specialty baked snack for a while now called the Okonomiyaki, a “pancake” that consists of flour, eggs, cabbage and mountain yams plus ingredients you can add from their menu. There is more to Chibo than their Osaka-style Okonomiyakis, though.

Chibo recently introduced their Premium Executive Set meals that include rice, salad, miso soup and a glass of house blend iced tea – a complete set to get full. It’s perfect for people who find it hard to decide what to order!

Here are the sets that we tried:

Mixed Seafood JU – Php688

Order this and you’ll get a bowl with Norwegian salmon, U.S. scallops, squid and tiger prawn in salt garlic sauce.

U.S. Angus Steak JU – Php788

Craving for steak? This bowl has U.S. Prime Angus Steak in garlic ginger wine sauce.

Unagi Kabayaki JU – Php888

If you’d like to try something unusual, get this JU. It’s made of freshwater Japanese eel marinated in sweet sake and dark soy sauce. Yes, it’s eel! Go ahead and try it.

Hamburger Steak with Teriyaki Sauce – Php488

The classic Teriyaki is still here but served in a huge serving of hamburger steak. It’s made with grated pork and beef minced with onions, garlic, and panko flakes. Really flavorful!

Just add cheese to that and you’ll get Cheese Hamburger with Teriyaki Sauce for Php588. You just know they adore cheese lovers!

Osaka Meal – Php588

Satisfy yourself the Osaka-way by getting this meal. It’s half-okonomiyaki and half-yakisoba with mentaiko mayo. It’s so good, even your heart will feel full.

They also have Pork Ju which consists of spinach, onions, pork belly slices in Shoyu wine sauce at Php488.

Both branches serve the same menu, but if you want Teppanyaki tables to keep your meals warm, visit the S Maison branch.

Of course, you still shouldn’t leave the restaurant without trying this Okonomiyaki at Php588.

Quick trivia: Their signature dish, Okonomiyaki, was a snack in Japan during the Edo period (1603-1867).

Shirayukihime, literally translated as “snow white princess, is extra-soft textured okonomiyaki with prawn, bacon, pork, tomato, avocado, cheese topped with meringue. The ingredients and how they all combine to become that flavorful is really interesting!

This may already look like a lot, but their full menu actually still has many dishes that’ll give you a hard time to choose. When that happens, just get a Premium Executive Set to enjoy everything in one meal!

Chibo Okonomiyaki

2nd level at S Maison / 5th level at The Podium

Open from 10AM to 10PM



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