Chiara’s Pastry: Handcrafted Italian Flavors To Drool Over

Most of us look forward to weekends to shake off our school or job stress. While some prefer to chill at home, watching movies while laying comfortably in bed, others opt to find a place where they can savor great food over stories shared with families or friends.

Chiara’s Pastry may not be a popular choice for a weekend food trip, but it is definitely worth the visit.


Chiara’s Pastry opened in August 2015, serving gelato and pastries. Soon after, they expanded their food choices and also offered pastas in their menu. Their branch in Century City Mall in Makati was their first store,¬†with plans to¬†open another branch very soon. Just like other successful businesses we could think of,¬†Chiara’s Pastry’s main motivation for entering the F&B business¬†was¬†passion.

chiaraspastry12Chiara’s gelato in cialda
(Ricotta Cheesecake, Chocolate, Pistachio, Raspberry, Dark Chocolate)

chiaraspastry13Hazelnut gelato

chiaraspastry14Pistachio gelato

chiaraspastry15Black Forest gelato

Gelato prices:

Small cup, up to 3 flavours (P120) / Large cup, up to 5 flavours (P200) / Cone, up to 3 flavours (P150) /
Cialda, up to 5 flavours (P200)

chiaraspastry3Donut gelato on stick (P70)

Their gelato are slowly (but surely) gaining name for its rich, quality flavor. Among their best sellers are Pistachio, Nocciola, and Ricotta e Fichi Caramellati. They are also the first to offer donut gelato on stick which I am very sure the kids would love. Our favorite, however, was Pistachio. I am not sure if you are fond of the flavor, too, but it topped our list.

Although, we are also not crossing out other favorites such as Chocolate which is very luscious, Ricotta Cheesecake which is not overpowering in flavor, Hazelnut which actually tastes like Nutella, and of course their lush take on the Black Forest.

chiaraspastry5Chocolate Frappe (P165)

They also offer gelato-based frappe, a thicker and richer take to the signature drink most of us love.

chiaraspastry9 Cannoli (P25/pc)

chiaraspastry8Crostatine Nutella (P55/pc)

chiaraspastry6Bigne (P65)

chiaraspastry7Merengue Cotta (P30)

Chiara’s¬†pastries are also delizioso!¬†I would love to come back for their Cannoli, a fried pastry dough with chocolate filling. It’s not only chocolate, by the way, it’s made with Nutella! The crisp shell perfectly went well with the filling.¬†We got some for takeout. Their Crostatine Nutella is also a must-try, especially if you are really a Nutella avid fan. If you love cream puff, the Bigne is for you. Its cream filling is just the bomb. While the Merengue Cotta works just fine — melts in your mouth!

chiaraspastry16Brutti Ma Bouni (P195/pack)

Chiara’s is also proud of its Brutti Ma Bouni (ugly but delicious) pastry, although I don’t think it’s ugly at all. It’s merengue with hazelnut. It’s a fun nibble, and it really tastes good. My mom absolutely loves it.

chiaraspastry11Pesto (P160)

chiaraspastry10Bolognese (P200)

Aside from their pastries and gelato, we also tried Chiara’s pastas.¬†As they say, nothing speaks Italian food like pasta. So if you are a pasta lover, this is a good place to go. While it is not the store’s specialty, Chiara’s pastas scream of Italian flavors. Forget the diet even just for a day.

Soon, we will be seeing another branch of Chiara’s in Venice Piazza. While some changes are projected to be seen that will come along the new opening, we are definitely sure it¬†is only for the better. And we are definitely excited for that. While we’re waiting for their revamp, why not invite your family or friends to try Italian food over the weekend,¬†and try these succulento¬†handcrafted Italian flavors as well. It won’t hurt your budget, too, which is definitely¬†a plus for that decision-making.¬†Buon appetito!

Chiara’s Pastry

Lower Ground Floor, Century City Mall
Kalayaan Avenue, Poblacion, Makati City
Tel. no. (02) 718.5591
Facebook: Chiaraspastry
Instagram: @chiaraspastry

Operating Hours: 
Weekdays – 10:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M.
Weekends – 10:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.


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