Check out this “My Little Pony”-themed brunch

There’s something about using beloved childhood memories and turning them into something more adult-like that sparks nostalgia, without feeling like you’re regressing. Maybe even a little hipster, if we may. And if it’s done for a good cause, then all the better!

People in NYC can turn on the throwback with this My Little Pony-themed cocktail at The Horny Ram, a popular brunch restaurant in the Big Apple.

Pony lovers, feast your eyes on the Pony Negroni, or if you prefer its official title, ~PoNy NeGrOnI~ (We kid you not.) in celebration of Negroni Week. It‘s an event designed to raise money for different charities by putting a spin on the cocktail.

The most Pony-esque touch on this cocktail, however, is the actual garnish. You can even get this with a rainbow waffle, which is really begging to be an Instagram thread, and a better idea at least that the unicorn frappuccino.

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