Chasing the (Sugar) High: People Are Now Snorting Chocolate!

The newest party trend in Europe is sweet – literally! Party goers have now looking at an alternative to drinking alcohol or taking illegal drugs and it involves *drumroll please* chocolate!

Source: NowThis Facebook page

Now, before you bust out those M&M’s in the club:

According to, though it is not a stretch to think that snorting chocolate would give you a high, “for the drug to work, it needs to be as pure as possible, and not cut with any fillers like milk or sugar. This means that only raw cacao will do the trick, and putting M&Ms up your nose is unlikely to have any effect other than blocking up your airways.. this shouldn’t be taken to mean that snorting cacao is necessarily safe. Understandably, there is no scientific evidence regarding the safety profile of snocolate”

What do you think?

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