Charlie’s Angels Reunite as Lucy Liu Receives Walk of Fame Star

Lucy Liu has recently become the second Asian-American woman to ever get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The first was Anna May Wong, who is considered to be the first Chinese-American Hollywood star and was given a star on its inaugural year nearly 60 years ago. Both Liu and Wong were honored for the work they’ve done to break glass ceilings for Asian women. 

lucy liu

Photo from Willy Sanjuan/AP

Liu has been one of the most influential Asian figures in contemporary Hollywood. She has paved the way for Asian representation in mainstream media and continues the fight for diversity. The star is much a celebration of this as it is her success in film franchises like Kill Bill, Charlie’s Angels, and Kung Fu Panda and TV shows such as Ally McBeal and Elementary

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To commemorate this moment with her were her fellow Charlie’s Angels! Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz. They were notable faces in the crowd as Liu gave her address, supporting her from the sidelines.

Demi Moore was even one of the ceremony’s speakers, praising her with:

Lucy and I first met while making Charlie Angles—I didn’t know we were going to have a reunion today. I could see she was in fact as I had heard a badass with brains.

Then the better I got to know her I realized she wasn’t just about a badass with brains, she was a badass with brains, a beautiful heart with a deep loving soul and a damn good sense of humor.

charlies angels

Photo from Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Lucy Liu gave her own special shout out to her Charlie’s Angels family in her speech, saying:  “My dear Angels, it’s a 20-year reunion. Twenty years ago, we were an elite crime-fighting team and now look at us!” It’s heartwarming to see them being as sweet and supportive with each other as they ever were!

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