Challenging Paradigms: 11th National Architecture Symposium

2019 is an exciting year for architecture!

This year will be the celebration of the ​11th National Architecture Symposium​, as UST Architecture Network’s (ARCHINET’s) largest and most anticipated event yet. The event will be held in the Medicine Auditorium in the University of Santo Tomas on March 2, and this 2019, the National Architecture Symposium will be free of admission for UST students and university scholars, while on February 28, Archinet’s 2nd Manila Architecture Festival will mark its grand homecoming at the UST Field.

Since 2009, remarkable speakers and professionals from different parts of the world have annually gathered and presented their tribute, ideas, and insights to the field, which aims to invigorate new design solutions by the interchange of diverse design approaches. Ar. Ken Yeang, Ar. Kengo Kuma, Ar. Chan Hui Min, Ar. Inge Goudsmit, and more renowned guests have set the scale and magnitude of the event’s significance, with thus an attendance of over 500 architectural practitioners to be expected each year.

With this year’s theme, “Challenging Paradigms,” the 11th National Architecture Symposium intends to generate competitive advantage and evolving standards in architecture. Four premium architects (two international architects and two local architects) will be joining the event to behold their wisdom: Ar. Marc Fornes,​ the Principal Architect of TheVeryMany and is famous for his computational design; Ar. David Hashim, the president and director of Veritas Design Group and is known for his environmental design solutions and award-winning multi-disciplinary design services; Ar. Steph Branquinho, the Principal Architect of the Manila based firm SpaceFabrik; and Ar. Joy Onozawa, the Principal Architect of Ma. Lourdes M. Onozawa Architecture and Planning and MLMO Architecture and Planning.

Archinet also revels its 13th student organization anniversary, by holding their 2nd Manila Architecture Festival​, entitled “ARCHIVE” powered by Pecha Kucha, UAPSApan Dialogues by UAPSA-UST, Creative Thinking Workshop- Talk, and “Let’s Talk” Students’ Network Congress and networking booths, the special occasion will be featuring illustrious speakers from different realms of the architectural industry.

In collaboration of various student organizations in the College of Architecture, the 11th National Architecture Symposium and 2nd Manila Architecture Festival is a great opportunity to expand knowledge on trends and current situations, delivered in different professional angles, and to create possibilities in the broad domain of architecture, which perhaps did not exist before.

For more information about the event, check out Archinet’s social media page,

Hope to see you there!

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