Celebrating PARAHeroes in Our Mission for Inclusivity

The UP Supporting PWDs through Exercise and Recreation Organization (UP SUPER), envision an inclusive society for the PWD community, especially through and within the fields of sport and recreation. They aspire to address systemic ableism and instill instead the values of critical thinking, sensitivity, unity, and happiness.

UP SUPER or Supporting PWDs through Exercise and Recreation is an organization founded by students from the College of Human Kinetics, University of Diliman with guidance and support from their professor Dr. Lisa Aireen Moti who is the professor of their Recreation for Special Groups class. The organization was pursued in the time of the pandemic where their initial goal was to spread awareness regarding inclusivity and mental health. The organization has been hosting various workshops and webinars in partnership with organizations and associations who share the same advocacy such as sports and recreation events with Best Buddies PH and an FSL workshop with DeafEd.

ParaHeroes Main Pub

As UP SUPER’s main event this year, they are launching Para-Heroes 2021. Para-Heroes 2021 is a campaign that aims to promote para-sports in our country and open doors for the next generation of champion para-athletes. Their goal is to empower Filipino Paralympians by highlighting their success & challenges in para-sports from grassroots to the world stage. In addition, their aim is to find out how to support our para-athletes in the future. Their dream is to break barriers in sports by developing inclusive sports programs that transcend age, gender, ethnicity, and disability. 


In line with this, UP SUPER has invited representatives from their respective professions to speak about their views and experiences regarding the state of para-sports in the country. Taking on the Challenge is a talk about the various obstacles faced by para-athletes, Triathlon Para athletes Jerome Nelmida and Joshua Nelmida along with Team Captain of Philippine Accessible Disability Services Arnold Balais,  especially within the pandemic. Creating Avenues for Inclusivity will tackle the state of the Paralympic Sports Program and how we can encourage PWDs to get into para-sports. This will be discussed by the Delegation Head of the Philippine Paralympics Team Francis Diaz. Making the Switch, a talk by a Paralympic swimming coach, Tony Ong of the Philippine Paralympics Team, will share how his coaching philosophy evolved and his journey into coaching para-athletes. Don’t miss this chance to finally meet your heroes through a virtual meet and greet, THIS disABILITY, by our 1st Philippine gold medalist in the Asian Para Games, Ernie Gawilan, and bronze medalist in Paralympic Powerlifting. 


Interested? Para-Heroes will be held on November 13, Saturday from 1 to 5pm via Zoom and Facebook Live. You may sign up through https://bit.ly/PARAHEROES. We also recently launched our very own TikTok campaign: #StaySuperPH where we share what makes us feel SUPER! Come join us in our event or in our TikTok campaign for a chance to win fitness goodies from our very own sponsors! 


A campaign supported by TikTok 


Co presented by BREM Nurturing Center Neptune Actives, and Alaxan FR


In partnership with Society of Occupational Therapy Majors, The Street Classroom, UP Volleyball Club Saved By Sports, and When In Manila


In cooperation with UP CAMP Association of Physical Therapy Students


Special thanks to UP DUO