Celebrate Christmas with a Spectacular Display: The Symphony of Lights and Sounds


When in Manila and you want to experience an enchanting Christmas, then head to the Ayala Triangle Gardens to witness one delightful visual feast. The Symphony of Lights and Sounds is a yearly showcase of colorful blinking lights that dance in harmony with all-familiar Christmas music.


It has been running since November 16 and will be played until December 30, 2011, every hour, from 6 to 9 p.m. A creative labor of award-winning lighting designer Voltaire de Jesus, and acclaimed musicians and composers Jazz Nicolas (Itchyworms) and Mikey Amistoso (Ciudad), the Symphony of Lights and Sounds is a treat to people — from Makati peeps to families from neighboring cities — who want to add color to their celebrations of Christ’s birth.



 The magical spectacle that entertains audience of all ages




 All these look like any kind of tree decor





 But when the music starts, they slowly take shape





The weather was gloomy when I went there for the Saturday-6 p.m. show, but I was surprised to see droves of families, with some even tagging along little children (read: toddlers and babies) and elderly, waiting for the stunning performance of lights and sounds. The audience waited in jovial anticipation and started cheering when the music rolled in, which signaled for the trees to start glowing and the stars to bloom brightly against the inky darkness. It was nothing short of magical.









In sync with the music, the stars change colors


Within minutes, the gloominess of the weather was overshadowed by a grand pageantry of colorful lights that blink either riotously or serenely depending on the beat of the music. Standing almost shoulder-to-shoulder, we silently watched the spectacle, only breaking into a riotous cheer when the lights made a visual exhibition.










The lights gracefully transition from one mesmerizing pattern into another



And when they did an exhibition, our eyes were all over, trying to catch the spectacle. It was too short a show, though – seven minutes – but every minute was pure magic. Have I mentioned I love any kind of brightly colored, dancing lights – fireworks, for instance? I had to see more, so I stayed a little longer and waited for the 7 and 8 p.m. shows. Every time, it never failed to fascinate me and the different batches of audience I stood with.  


Oh, one sweet thing about the Symphony of Lights and Sounds is that it’s free for public viewing. And if this proves anything, it is this: Christmas will always be special when in Manila. In the entire Philippines, in fact. So for a unique Christmas treat, bring your family to the symphony, plus a camera – any kind of camera – to capture the entertaining spectacle.




Symphony of Lights and Sounds

Along Paseo de Roxas, Makati, and Ayala Avenues, Makati City

Every day until December 30, 2011

Every hour, from 6 to 9 p.m.