Cebu Pacific Air’s A330 to Davao is Ultra Spacious and Comfortable

Cebu Pacific Air’s A330 to Davao is Ultra Spacious and Comfortable

I don’t remember the last time I flew alone. Actually, wait… I do. It was about 4 years ago and I was 8 months pregnant – and that was with Cebu Pacific Air, as well. It’s true what they say: old habits die hard. I’ve been flying with Cebu Pacific Air ever since I first heard about them – not only because they are reliable, quick, hassle-free and easy to deal with; but also because they always have great deals on offer! Read more about their deals here: Traveling to and From the Philippines Made Easy by Cebu Pacific Air and Agoda

So, when I was asked to try out their new A330 flight to Davao, I jumped right on it, even when my travel buddy canceled on me at the very last minute and I wasn’t really prepared for solo traveling. 

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Cebu Pacific Air‘s third brand new Airbus A330 plane flies between Manila and Cebu once a day and between Manila and Davao twice a day until June 8, 2014. The plane has a capacity of a whopping 436 seats during this time. I got full grasp of it on my way to Davao because I was seated at the very back of the plane. It was quite a long walk, but definitely well worth it as there was no shortage of seats whatsoever.

Probably the best parts about my flight on the A330, however were the different flavours of milk tea that Cebu Pacific Air now provides (I couldn’t decide on a flavour; I wanted to try them all!) and their Air Wi-Fi. I threw a bit of a tantrum in my head when FourSquare couldn’t figure out my location (which was, by the way, “ATOP FLUFFY WHITE CLOUDS”- chyeah!), but I was so happy that there was Wi-Fi present.

Please take note that CEB Air Wi-Fi data plans are only available on Airbus A330 flights. CEB Air Wi-Fi data plans range from 50MB to 100MB. Awesomesauce!

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Albeit being a very short flight to Davao and back, it was a very pleasant and relaxing experience overall. 🙂 Again, I have the Wi-Fi to attribute for most of this. I didn’t even realize we were already at our destination because I was caught up tweeting and pretending like I wasn’t on a plane the entire time – a great trick for those who have pteromerhanophobia (fear of flying).

Even though the Cebu Pacific Air A330 plane has additional seats in time for the summer and uses fuel-saving technology to keep fares low, though, it would still be highly advisable to book your flights as early as possible in order to save the most money on your summer travels. Think smart, spend smart!

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To find out more about Cebu Pacific Air’s new A330 flights, please visit

You can also stay up-to-date with Cebu Pacific Air’s latest seat sales and offers through their details below. Enjoy your summer trips with Cebu Pacific Air like I did! More on my Davao escapades soon! 🙂

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Cebu Pacific Air’s A330 to Davao is Ultra Spacious and Comfortable

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