Caught on Video: Man Tries to Break Into the Construction Site of Big “Mystery Mall” 

Perhaps the guy just couldn’t wait to go shopping?

A 32 year old man, Jervy Cordero, was on his way home one night when he saw an odd scene. A guy in a grey hooded sweater was lurking right outside the construction site of a soon-to-rise mall, when all of a sudden he climbs up a ladder nearby seemingly attempting to break into the mall grounds.

Jervy was quick on his wits and captured the incident on his phone camera, including the moment a security guard noticed the trespasser. The guard could be heard in the video blowing his whistle from afar, which sends the trespasser running.

Watch Jervy’s video here:

There’s been talk surrounding this “Mystery Mall” — although still under construction, rumors say that the mall is going to be a mega structure, featuring over 1,000 shops.

As for this trespasser caught on video, perhaps he heard the swirling whispers about the “Mystery Mall” as well, and just couldn’t resist to take a peek.

What do you think is behind that red wall? Have you spotted this place as well? Let us know in the comments! 

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