CATCHING FIRE: A Different Kind of Hunger Games!

When In Manila, you should definitely catch the fire of Suzanne Collins’ second installment of The Hunger Games trilogy, Catching Fire, which is now showing in practically all movie theaters nationwide.

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I knew even before that this set of books written by the famous American television writer and novelist would be a hit, just like Harry Potter. Being an HP fan myself, I didn’t get a copy of the book for like months. I finally gave in when friends started recommending it, and it proved to be a book worth reading. That’s why, when the first movie came out last year, just like my HP years, I watched it a couple of times. [Read the movie review of The Hunger Games here].

Thankfully, waiting for the second installment has come to an end! Catching Fire is my favorite book from the trilogy. With all of the happenings: a totally different Hunger Games, the romance of Katniss Everdeen [played by Oscar-Award Winning Best Actress Jennifer Lawrence] and Peeta Mellark [played by Josh Hutcherson], and of course the lesson that we can pull off from the story.



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This installment is better than the last one. One key factor is how the actors play the characters that they are portraying. Notably, Josh Hutcherson (Peeta Mellark) totally matured in terms of acting and he’s better-looking now. Admit it! Another reason is the fact that film director Francis Lawrence and his crew used 85% of the book to make the movie. They became loyal by using the quotes from the book as lines in the movie.

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New characters portrayed by great actors. With a new Hunger Games comes a new set of tributes! If you’ve read the book, interesting victors will come and play for the upcoming battle of survival. This adds to the list on why you should catch this movie!

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This series is more relatable. Here, Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson have given their characters a relatable archetype of experiencing struggle. In the same way, they are being looked up as the symbols of hope amidst the oppressive Capitol.

The ending will make you … watch the film and look forward to the final instalment, which is Mocking Jay. But, seriously the frustration that it ended that way! You should have seen the look at Vince’s – When In Manila’s Publisher – face when he saw the end credits.

In the end, the movie is not just about the killing and winning. In my most humble opinion, it gives us – the viewers and readers of the book – an important lesson: that it’s not just about winning adversities and challenges, not even igniting a revolution, but to be that spark that will start to make a change! 

Hunger Games: Catching Fire now showing in the nearest movie theater in your area!


When In Manila would like to thank Solaire Resorts and Casino for organizing a special screening of the movie! They’ll be having a viewing party of the Pacquiao-Rios fight this coming weekend, as well. Just contact Solaire’s Concierge at 883-8987 for details.



CATCHING FIRE: A Different Kind of Hunger Games!