LOOK: This “Kleptocat” brings its owner P1,000 outta nowhere and we are losing it

Sana all

Cat owners know this for a fact: you can’t take out the hunting from a cat. Chances are, your furbaby will bring back his or her spoils to you—be it a dead animal (yikes!) or something as random as a fallen leaf or a branch. Furmom April Jean was not prepared for what her cat Kenzie brought back, though: a PHP 1,000 bill.

That’s not all there is to it, either. The said PHP 1,000 bill… isn’t even hers!

In a hilarious post made in the CATS & KITTENS Philippines Facebook group, April recounts how she was surprised when Kenzie came in with money, which he then gave to her.

Screencap from April Jean

Screencap from April Jean

Hooyyyy kenzie san galing to,” she wrote in her post. “Di naman kita tinuruan magnakaw.”

(Rough translation: Kenzie, where did this come from? I didn’t raise you to be a thief.)

The post continues with April adding that her wallet and money are safely secured in her vault, so the money couldn’t have been hers. She even went to her neighbors to ask if the money was theirs, but it wasn’t. Neither did it belong to her companions at home! And for those who were wondering if both cat and owner were pressed for cash, April adds: “kumpleto po yan sa cat food, treats at supply.

Photo from April Jean

Photo from April Jean

As of writing, the post has garnered 740 reacts, 109 comments, and 284 shares. Subsequently, this post was screencapped and shared by PetAholic Cabtimar Pet Supplies and Veterinary Clinic on Facebook, which went viral with over 15K reactions, 4.2K comments, and 20K shares.

According to April, she bought Kenzie in her hometown Bukidnon. He is now three months old and has been living with her for a month. And since no one has claimed the money to this day, April used it to buy more treats for Kenzie.

Sana all indeed.

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