Cariz Shop Turns Pressed Flowers into Stunning Statement Pieces

I have never been a fan of flowers because I always thought that they would eventually die anyway, so what’s the point? However, after seeing what Cariz Shop can create with pressed flowers, my perception of them has changed completely.

Cariz Shop Set

Photo from Cariz Shop

Cariz Shop is owned by Rica and Rizza, who combined their names to come up with Ca-Riz. The shop actually started by accident. One random night, Rizza messaged Rica for help in selling her film cameras. It turns out that they were perfect
business partners! So, the next morning, they discussed what products they should sell and how they could build their brand. They also shocked their friends by immediately creating social media accounts for their business.

Cariz Shop Packaging

Photo from Cariz Shop

Rica and Rizza started by reselling products, but had to stop when the pandemic started. With a lot of free time on their hands, they decided to make good use of their time by making accessories that they could sell. They started with resin with hopes of being unique; but then resin accessories started popping up left and right, and they had to go back to the ol’ drawing board. That didn’t stop them, though. If anything, it only made them think and work harder to come up with products that are unique, stylish, and affordable all at the same time. That’s when their current products came about.

Cariz Shop Necklaces

Photo from Cariz Shop

They chose pressed flower in resin as their products because they want to give people something unique and of good quality – and that is exactly what they do. Their products are absolutely gorgeous, enabling us to wear flowers during any season and really stand out with them as our new statement pieces. “Pressing flowers will ensure the preservation of their blooms, and let people enjoy their beauty any time of the year,” they explain.

Cariz Shop 1

Photo from Cariz Shop

Their pressed flower hair clips come in cute geometrical shapes, while their necklaces and earrings are 100% handmade with flowers like Limonium Sinuatum and Baby’s Breath, all preserved in resin and with love.

Whichever item you choose from Cariz Shop, you can be sure that it will be 100% unique, classy, and trendy, and perfect for any occasion. These are not your ordinary accessories – that’s for sure! Check them out today and get your own unique statement piece. They also make for great gifts – perfect for the holiday season! 😉

Cariz Shop


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