Caramoan Getaway: Spend the Holidays in a Beach Wonderland

Caramoan Getaway: Spend the Holidays in a Beach Wonderland


The merry-making season is just around the corner. Imagine spending your holidays simply lying on the beach, getting up occasionally for some swimming and snorkeling, and every hour or so, hopping from one gorgeous beach to another one that is just as awesome.  


CaramoanSecluded tropical paradise – you can have the island exclusively for your group!

CaramoanThis particular Island reminds me of Coron in Palawan

CaramoanAwesome view from the boat ride


You get lucky with a fine weather and the summery breeze blowing on that natural sea-salt sprayed hair you’ve always wanted to perfectly match your now-glowing sun-kissed tan.




Not bad if you have to dine on the beach, as well, gorging on just-off-the-grill juicy squid, freshly steamed Lapu-Lapu and meaty “gay” crabs cooked in coconut milk. All the goodness of seafoods you can only dream about back in Manila, and enjoy fresh buko juice on the sand. You can find all of this in Caramoan.




How to Get to Caramoan

 1. You can either take the 8+hour bus ride from Manila to Naga or..

2.  Take the one hour flight to Naga city via Cebu Pacific Air, and then once you are in Naga city, take a van to Sabang port where you can rent a boat to do the Caramoan island hopping tour.

3.  Another (less) taken route is to fly to Virac in Catanduanes instead and rent the boat from Condon port.  Basically (map-wise), this is the easiest way to Caramoan.

4.  The fourth option should be considered if you have more time and energy, and are definitely game for more travelling and adventure, which is what we did:


Fly to Legazpi City (do some side trips).

CaramoanCity tour in Legazpi, Mayon Volcano looks so grand!

CaramoanOld church in the city


Fom Legazpi City, travel via Ferry from Tabaco Port to Virac in Catanduanes (stay there overnight or longer).

CaramoanView from the ferry is just as awesome


While in Catanduanes, spend a day or two for more adventures. Visit the waterfalls and beaches or enjoy the waves in Puraran surf camp.

CaramoanVirac has beautiful beach resorts, as well – worth a visit!


 ..then rent a boat in Condon port to do the Caramoan island hopping tour.



This route is a lot more exhausting (on the wallet as well as on the spirit), but you get to see more of the Bicol region.  So it helps to put on that survivor-ish attitude. Pack lightly, get into “always-on-the-go” mode, wear your winning optimism and in the end, all the long travelling is well worth it.

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Caramoan Getaway: Spend the Holidays in a Beach Wonderland