Camp Avenue’s Bohemian Dreams: The Grand Launching Event

The Faire Du Camp Avenue (also knowns as Camp Avenue) primarily operates as the first-ever social beach camping that offers outdoor recreational site, kitchen and bar and camping site in one in the newest soon-to-rise coastal area in the beach circuit – Taboc, San Juan La Union.

Taboc, San Juan is known of pottery-making. But little did they know it also offers captivating waves and laid-back atmosphere suits perfectly for beach camping. Basically, players in this industry take care of campers, backpackers, travellers, outdoor enthusiasts, and adventurers who want to explore our humble province, La Union.

We take pride on our very own La Union’s finest cuisines perfectly cooked in its traditional Ilocano ingredients and our social events which will assure every customer that they will see, experience and explore the other side of San Juan, La Union. Basically, players in this industry take care of campers, backpackers, travellers, outdoor enthusiasts, and adventurers who have the interest to discover the totality of our humble province, La Union.

The industry is largely driven by travel-related trends, as trips to campgrounds are viewed as cost-efficient alternatives to traditional vacations. It is budget-friendly, efficient and most preferred by travelers for a limited budget trip. And as an upcoming one, our priorities do not limit itself on the usual but reassuring our target market that the satisfaction they will get in Camp Avenue will definitely one of their unforgettable experiences about the North making their time and money worthy of their journey.

Camp Avenue is envisioned to be a leading social beach campground in the North serving our own La Union’s premium cuisine.


Services and Amenities

Camp Avenue provides camping resources, such as tent rentals and other camping materials, and board and card games rental that is open to all walk-in and stay-in customers. We also offer Indonesian-inspired hut that perfectly suits for squads and families.

As the first campground in La Union, it is on our part to build a place where in the authenticity of our locality’s pride will never put aside. Camp Avenue serves La Union cuisines which highlight the different classic Ilocano food that most travellers, campers, and adventurers value.

With this offer of food and services, we are obviously putting the satisfaction of our market’s needs and wants on the top.

This coming September 22 and 23 will mark its first ever launching event entitled BOHEMIAN DREAMS: The Grand Launching Event – a bohemian-inspired beach party for all wanderers, backpackers, campers, locals and tourists.

The following activities for the event are as follows:

BOHEMIAN DREAMS: The Grand Opening

Date Activities
September 22, 2017 ·       Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

·       Fire Dance Show

·       Acoustic Night

·       Spoken Word Poetry

·       Julian Sean – Warner Music

·       DJ free spin

September 23, 2017 ·       Fire Dance Show

·       All Night Party

Music by: DJ Jade Hartman

DJ Jimmy Nocon

MC JM Nable

·       Fireworks Display


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