CaliforniaBerry: Makers of 100% NonFat Yogurt Desserts Now Offer Milk Teas and Shaved Iced Treats!



When in Manila and looking for a cool relaxing place to chill, I suggest you try lounging at CaliforniaBerry! For all you frozen yogurt addicts out there, I’m so sure  you’ve heard about CaliforniaBerry being one of the pioneers and front runners when it comes to frozen yogurt desserts. I’m sure you’d agree that a strong company like this is really tough to beat with their variety of fresh delectable toppings on that rich creamy yet guilt-free cup of yogurt goodness! They are the only yogurt chain in the Philippines to guarantee 100% nonfat frozen yogurt (others contain at least 2%)!



The good news is that, I recently discovered that they really have a lot more to offer!! Yeah! Aside from their classic frozen yogurt delights, they recently introduced more sweet and even savory pasta treats on their menu! Let’s check ’em out!



as you enter their store (Tomas Morato) you’ll definitely be greeted by their friendly staff!




oh! My guests have arrived! As you can see, the place looks very cool and refreshing! It also has free wi-fi making it an ideal place to spend a cool relaxing day! They are also open up to 3am on weekends! great!



Meet Mike, Bing and Bea! My friends from the Manila Soul Scene




we tried their pastas and we find their  Cheesy Lasagna to be the tastiest!





Then it was time  to pick our toppings for our frozen yogurt!!


We were asked to pick 3 toppings as we please!




you can choose from their chocolatey choices and fresh fruits




Pick the cup you fancy! No worries ‘coz it’s 100% guilt-free!




now we go to the best part! woaaaaaahhhh!!




Meet my cup: regular yogurt with cheesecake chunks, walnuts and peaches! This is soooo me!




Kuya Bing had blueberry yogurt with rice crispies, choco chips and cherries! Neat!



nom nom nom!




we all enjoyed sharing our own unique creations!




Bea had regular yogurt, crushed grahams, banana chips and mangos!

We noticed that the banana chips were too thick. I hope they can change it to thinner slices to give it that light perfect crunch!




But wait! There’s more!!! In their intention to serve you with more exciting treats, CaliforniaBerry recently introduced  more cool additions to  their menu!





Introducing….. CaliforniaBerry‘s delicious sweet milk teas



left to right: Taro, Boba, Honey Milk Green Tea milk  teas





They also have fresh fruit yogurt blends……


Banana Rama






 Last but definitely not least, meet their Ice Ice Baby!



it’s basically shaved flavored ice topped with goodies!!


For this one, we had Taro shaved ice with mango, cereals, almond slivers and condensed milk!





This is really very interesting! It’s actually my 2nd time to have flavored shaved ice




I think this will become a hit soon!





Come on! Spoil yourself a bit! You deserve it! =)


don’t be shy!




So when in Manila, be sure to invite your best buds, spoil yourselves  and indulge with cups of deliriously delicious 100% nonfat  goodness which only CaliforniaBerry brings!









California Berry

1103-B East Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Center, Pasig City

telephone:  (+632)368.39.17 or (+632) 368.39.76

join their Facebook Page





CaliforniaBerry: Makers of 100% NonFat Yogurt Desserts Now Offer Milk Teas and Shaved Iced Treats!

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