Cainta Launches “Prepaid Kuryente”

At least they can say goodbye to those pesky electric bills!

Prepaid Kuryente Meralco

About 200 households and 1,000 market stalls in Cainta, Rizal are now using “prepaid kuryente”, according to a report by the Philippine Star, making Cainta reportedly the first LGU in the country to try the prepaid power scheme launched by Meralco, called the “Kuryente Load” project.

According to the report, this is in efforts to have the entire municipality gain access to power, especially light.

The report also says that the municipality is hoping that this would improve their fiscal management, as local market stalls have always been problematic in collection.

Under the “Kuryente Load” project, prepaid load credits could be purchased at Meralco business centers, Bayad centers, and even sari-sari stores, basically similar to how prepaid credits for phones work.

Meralco would also send text message advisories, informing users of their prepaid load balance, according to the report.

Prepaid credits also do NOT expire, and can be bought from a minimum of P100 to a maximum of P1,000.

The “Kuryente Load” project was done in partnership between the local government of Cainta, and Meralco.

According to the report, Meralco also plans to launch the “Kuryente Load” scheme in other parts of Metro Manila before the second half of 2015.

What do you think of the prepaid load scheme? Do you think this will be effective?