The Burger Project: Make Your Own Burger and Call It The Best Burger in Manila!

When in Manila, everyone claims to have the best burger in town. But honestly, who else could make the best burger for you other than yourself? Most of us are often very subjective in our pursuits of the “perfect burger”; what’s perfect for some may not pass the standards for others. So what better way to put your seal of approval on a burger than to make it yourself, from scratch!



the burger project 5


the burger project 13

Best burgers in Manila, IMHO 



This is exactly what BRGR: The Burger Project is all about. The Burger Project is a far cry from your typical burger joint in Manila; it’s the only place where you can create your very own customized burger! You get to choose everything that goes into your burger; from the type of buns, to the cheeses, sauces and toppings in it. I’ve always loved the idea of anything personalized and D.I.Y., so a crafty project involving edible things was something I couldn’t miss.



the burger project 11

Chef Ed showing us how it’s done 



The Burger Project Shows You How to Make Your Own Burger


The Burger Project invited some bloggers over to give us the lowdown on what exactly The Burger Project is about. Chef Ed of The Burger Project walked us through the entire process of making your own burger. It all begins by taking an order form and picking out your:



the burger project 1

This is your checklist! 


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1.)    Burger patty. The Burger Project offers 100% Angus Beef, 100% Beef, Chicken, Chori, and Tofu patties. You can choose to have from one to four decks of patties (for the carnivores LOL).


2.)    Buns. The Burger Project has over four types of buns, made fresh from scratch daily!


3.)    Cheese. No limit on how many cheeses you can put on your burger! They have an assortment of six cheeses to choose from. Take your pick from classic cheddar, to bleu cheese, or gruyere.



the burger project 4

Which toppings to put? Decisions, decisions..



4.)    Basic and Premium Toppings. This is the part where you get creative! The Burger Project offers a total of 18 different kinds of basic and premium toppings, it’s entirely up to you to pick which ones will go into your burger. The selection of toppings includes everything from bacon, to mushrooms, to chili con carne and different types of onions; you can come up with hundreds of combinations! The Burger Project makes sure that all their toppings are organically grown; you can be sure that none of what you’re eating is processed, even the patties! You can also be sure that you get generous servings of your toppings on your burger, there’s no such thing as scrimping here!


5.)    Sauce. No burger is complete without a special sauce, and The Burger Project offers more than ketchup for you! Take your pick from steak sauce, wasabi mayo, buffalo sauce, and pesto, among others.



the burger project 8

Hannah’s burger, which had chicken, teriyaki sauce, lettuce, egg, and other awesome stuff


the burger project 12

 My burger had mozzarella cheese and gruyere, with 100% Angus beef, bacon, sautéed mushrooms, egg, pepperoni, and garlic sauce, on an oatmeal bun. 



And to completely personalize your custom burger, you also get to name your creation! I love the idea of having complete freedom in creating my burger and picking out the toppings that goes in it. I totally caved in and put in all my favorite food in it! Yet if you feel that creating your own burger might be too much of a hassle, The Burger Project also has a selection of fool-proof Designr BRGRs and their BRGRs of the Month that are all equally creative and funky, you’re sure to enjoy them.



the burger project 7

BIG onion rings 


the burger project 6

Hannah liked that the fries were thick-cut 


the burger project 2

Best milkshake ever OMG 



Aside from their Designr Brgrs, The Burger Project also offers some yummy sides like thick-cut french fries, big and crispy onion rings, and fat mozzarella sticks. They’re the perfect match for your customized burger; their portions are huge, perfect for sharing. The Burger Project also whips up one of the best shakes in Manila, hands down! It was just so milky and creamy and rich, I finished the entire glass despite being so full from finishing my ginormous burger. I definitely know where to get my milkshake fix next time!



the burger project 3



The Burger Project is definitely for the young and adventurous kind, most of their customers being kids and college students out to put their creativity to the test. This young and lively atmosphere translates into The Burger Project’s interiors as well. I love their light bulb-lit arrows and walls filled with chalk doodles, it all looks so indie!



the burger project 15

 With Ruben Lanot, one of the creators of BRGR: The Burger Project



So When in Manila and on the hunt for the best burger in town, why not make your own at BRGR: The Burger Project!



BRGR: The Burger Project

G/Flr, The Grand Towers 760 P. Ocampo Sr. St., 1004 Malate, Manila

Open everyday from 10:00am til midnight

Contact: 0916 235 3085




The Burger Project: Make Your Own Burger and Call It The Best Burger in Manila!