Bungee Swing Plunge at Danao Adventure Park Bohol Philippines

OMG!!! I DIE!!!! Well…. not really…. but yeah!!!

When In Manila, you need to fly over to Bohol and check out the Danao Extreme Adventure Park!

Bohol-Danao-Adventure-Park-Zipline-Zip-Line-Bungee-Jump-Plunge 207

Anyway, there are two main attractions at the Danao Extreme Adventure Park: the Plunge (sort of like crossbreed between a bungee jump and a swing) and the cross-mountain Zipline. I’ll talk about both on WhenInManila.com, but for now, let me tell you more about: THE PLUNGE!!!

Well I came to Bohol to spend some time with my college buddies from San Diego State University. Chris and Miguel were here in the Philippines, on the last stop of their Asian Persuasions Tour. So I had to go along with them as they toured around the Philippines! Bohol was stop number one!


So we headed over to the Danao Extreme Adventure Park and went straight for the Bungee Plunge!

Bohol-Danao-Adventure-Park-Zipline-Zip-Line-Bungee-Jump-Plunge 095

It looked CRAZYYYY REALLY REALLY scary! And I actually chickened out at first. But thanks to the peer pressure from my best buds, and the fear of eternal regret from chickening out, I changed my mind and strapped on my harness!

Bohol-Danao-Adventure-Park-Zipline-Zip-Line-Bungee-Jump-Plunge 091

Pretty much, you’re hanging on a rope in this valley. The view is beautiful as you see the mountains across from you and the valley depths below you with the Amazon type river and white rapids along with the greens.

Bohol-Danao-Adventure-Park-Zipline-Zip-Line-Bungee-Jump-Plunge 107

Well, after enjoying the view for a few seconds, your rope is then unleashed and you drop faster than a Manny Pacquiao opponent!!!!

Bohol-Danao-Adventure-Park-Zipline-Zip-Line-Bungee-Jump-Plunge 115Bohol-Danao-Adventure-Park-Zipline-Zip-Line-Bungee-Jump-Plunge 125Bohol-Danao-Adventure-Park-Zipline-Zip-Line-Bungee-Jump-Plunge 127

I swear!!! The first .07 seconds after that hook is let go is the single most heart stopping split second you will EVER experience in life!

Bohol-Danao-Adventure-Park-Zipline-Zip-Line-Bungee-Jump-Plunge 135Bohol-Danao-Adventure-Park-Zipline-Zip-Line-Bungee-Jump-Plunge 137

The Plunge: a canyon swing adventure attraction mounted over a 200 meter high and 300 meter wide gorge. A person would have a 45 meters free fall before being launched on a pendulum swing measuring to a hundred meter diameter.

“The Plunge” is the best “fear factor” experience among other adventure activities at Danao Adventure Part. One has to literally plunge into open air within about two seconds. The plunger will all be defenseless, feel nothing and be left all to himself / herself.

This experience is one great way to de-stress and even make one appreciate life a bit more.

Bungee Jump / Bungee Swing Plunge Rate: Php 700

Bohol-Danao-Adventure-Park-Zipline-Zip-Line-Bungee-Jump-Plunge 139

Bohol-Danao-Adventure-Park-Zipline-Zip-Line-Bungee-Jump-Plunge 140

Anyway, I survived to tell the tale, and I’d like to say that it’s actually a LOT of fun! I want to do it again! The adrenalin rush was awesome and it’s one of those things that really just looks much scarier than it is. It was also really relaxing while swinging in between the mountains with that beautiful view!

Bohol-Danao-Adventure-Park-Zipline-Zip-Line-Bungee-Jump-Plunge 153Bohol-Danao-Adventure-Park-Zipline-Zip-Line-Bungee-Jump-Plunge 156

Here’s my two other buddies going against gravity on their Bungee Swing / Plunge at the Danao Adventure Park in Bohol!


Bohol-Danao-Adventure-Park-Zipline-Zip-Line-Bungee-Jump-Plunge 065Bohol-Danao-Adventure-Park-Zipline-Zip-Line-Bungee-Jump-Plunge 075Bohol-Danao-Adventure-Park-Zipline-Zip-Line-Bungee-Jump-Plunge 081

Oh and just in case that thrill isn’t “man enough” for you…. you can also choose to go HEAD FIRST into oblivion! Check out my friend Chris as he does just that!

Bohol-Danao-Adventure-Park-Zipline-Zip-Line-Bungee-Jump-Plunge 189Bohol-Danao-Adventure-Park-Zipline-Zip-Line-Bungee-Jump-Plunge 191Bohol-Danao-Adventure-Park-Zipline-Zip-Line-Bungee-Jump-Plunge 195

Thanks so much to my friends Chris and Miguel for the awesome video. Thanks to Joy and to Hannah of FlairCandy.com for the awesome pics too! Of course, thanks so much to Miguel’s Family for being such gracious hosts!


When In Manila, head over to Danao Extreme Adventure Park in Bohol and conquer your fears! Have a plunge on The Plunge!



Danao Adventure Park
038-4150777 / 038-5100033





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Bungee Swing Plunge in Danao Adventure Park Bohol Philippines