Bulgogi Brothers: Experience the Best of Korean Cuisine

When in Manila, the Bistro Group gives you an exciting food franchise that has gotten everybody talking. From the same makers that brought you Italianni’s, FlapJacks, TGI Friday’s and more comes Bulgogi Brothers—giving you an exceptional taste of Korean cuisine. Remember that in celebration of hitting 50 stores this 2012, the Bistro Group has an ongoing Bistro@50 Stores Campaign which offers a 50% off a house specialty per concept for the next two months! Check WhenInManila frequently to see which Bistro Group restaurant will be having a 50% off their house specialty!


Bulgogi Brothers: Experience the Best of Korean Cuisine


Last Sunday, August 26, WhenInManila soulmate Erika Ochosa and I, headed over to the newly-opened Bulgogi Brothers branch in SM Mall of Asia. The warm and relaxing ambiance, accompanied by some of the friendliest staff I have ever encountered, makes it an ideal place to bring family, friends, and even dates over.


Bulgogi Brothers: Experience the Best of Korean Cuisine


Bulgogi Brothers: Experience the Best of Korean Cuisine


The complimentary appetizer was the first thing that was served, consisting of sweet potato, corn and quail eggs. We were also given Kimchi and salad, containing just the right amount of spice. One of their best-selling appetizers is the Haemul Gungjung Mandu (P450)—fried dumplings with mussels, shrimp and squid served with spicy sauce. Erika ordered the Dubu Steak (P245)—fried crispy tofu with teriyaki sauce and bean sprout. Be sure to leave enough room for their barbecue though, because these are perfectly seasoned delicacies that will surely fulfill that hungry belly.


Sweet Potato, Corn and Quail Eggs


Salad and Kimchi


Haemul Gungjung Mandu


Dubu Steak


Yuja Ade and Cassia Seed Tea


Maesil Ade


I ordered the recommended Seoul Style Bulgogi (P595) for my main course—sliced beef with vegetables, mixed in a bulgogi broth made of fruits, onions and soy sauce. I liked how the flavors of the soup accentuated the zest and tenderness of the beef. I was able to try the Unyang Style Bulgogi (P595) as well, a famous royal cuisine cut in juicy heart-shaped slices.


Seoul Style Bulgogi


Seoul Style Bulgogi


Unyang Style Bulgogi


Before leaving, don’t forget to grab yourself some Korean ice cream! Erika and I both share the same favorite—the fish with red bean. All in all, coming from someone who’s quite picky when it comes to Korean food, I definitely enjoyed my experience in Bulgogi Brothers.


When in Manila, visit the newly-opened branch of Bulgogi Brothers at the SM Mall of Asia to experience the best that Korean cuisine has to offer.

Bulgogi Brothers




The Bistro Group




Bulgogi Brothers: Experience the Best of Korean Cuisine





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