Budget Girl Gets Stripped: Brazilian Waxing at Strip Manila

I am no stranger to Brazilian waxing, but coincidentally it was my first time to set foot inside the country’s waxing mecca. Last March, just in time for the summer season, global waxing brand STRIP: Ministry of Waxing was kind enough to invite When In Manila to experience their world-renowned “all-out” Brazilian service. My curiosity brimming, I gamely volunteered.




You see, I’m a budget girl. Realistically speaking, I’d hate to spend for any service knowing that I can get (more or less) the same value for half the price or so. But for the budget-conscious, let me tell you this:


Ladies, if your bushes are still being pruned elsewhere, do yourselves a favor and book your next session at Strip. Stat

(Modern day gents, I’m looking at you, too.)


Upon arriving at their branch in Serendra, I was greeted by Shayne Tiuman, the operations manager. She gave me a quick tour of the interiors, which turned out to be more spacious than it looked from the outside. The salon was carefully yet artistically designed, its wall murals reminiscent of the streets of Europe. Apparently, each Strip branch worldwide has its own unique, edgy interior design. Pretty cool. 



Each guest is handed his or her own sealed, sterile Hygiene packet containing latex gloves, wet wipes, cotton pads, and spatulas. “Absolutely no double dipping!” Shayne quipped, reiterating the mantra Strip seemed to be famous for. Everything within the salon screamed quality, professional hygiene. I loved it! 




But is the service worth it? 


Let’s just say, I, budget girl, am now willing to pay whatever it takes to have my waxing done in Strip. Yes, it’s that good




Compared to my previous Brazilian waxing experiences, my session at Strip was quick, immaculately hygienic, and – gasp! – almost painless. It didn’t seem possible, but when the very competent and capable technician declared “Done!”… I just stared at her. That’s it? You mean, after months of enduring waxing procedures that can only be described as pure, unadulterated torture — there existed a much kinder, more humane system? 


I wanted to laugh. Or cry. Or both. 


But of course, I did neither. I smiled, thanked them profusely, and walked out of the salon a changed woman. I am still a budget girl, yes. But even I have to admit – some things are worth spending for. 




When In Manila, do yourself a favor and book your next Brazilian (or Boyzilian!) at Strip Manila. With pruning millions of bushes worldwide their lifelong mission and expertise… truly, you get your money’s worth, and more. 



STRIP: Ministry of Waxing

2nd Floor Serendra, Bonfacio Global City

4th Floor Greenbelt 5, Makati City



Budget Girl Gets Stripped: Brazilian Waxing at Strip Manila